An Evening with Tom Wopat at The Curtis Theatre in Brea

Tom Wopat Luke DukeThe Tony Award nominee and star of the hit TV show of the ’80s “The Dukes of HazzardTom Wopat crooned the audience last April 19 at The Curtis Theatre in Brea. After 30 years, Wopat still looked great and his voice still sounded smooth and rich. He started with the song “I’ve Got Your Number” which is the title of his latest CD, followed by “The Good Life.”  Wopat effortlessly rendered his version of the great American Songbook. He sang the best of Mel Torme, Paul Simon, Judy Collins to name a few. I found the audiences tapping their toes and swaying their heads while Wopat helped them reminisce their past through his strong baritone vocals. Accompanied with a 6-piece orchestra, Wopat sang without a mike for one song and his voice still sounded strong.

An audience member named Maricel V. said, “It was a Saturday afternoon well spent listening to someone who could magically make you fall in love with songs you’ve heard for the first time, as was the case for me.  Tom does ballads so well … his listeners are able to absorb the slightest emotions one might associate with a song.” Maricel also added “He gently puts life into each one of his songs. I could actually believe that he lived all of that poetry put into melody.  Loved the way he sang ‘Two Grey Rooms’ and ‘If These Walls Could Speak’.” Another audience member named Cora G. mentioned “I like the songs he sang. It was an intimate concert and he easily connected with the audience.”

Indeed, it was a wonderful concert after all. Did I mention that he also had a great sense of humor? Before the show, he had a “meet and greet” with the fans. He signed his CD and took photos with the fans too. I was able to squeeze in some questions and he was friendly enough to answer all my questions.

Popbuff: You’ve done almost everything – TV, Broadway, Recording, is there anything else you’d like to do?
TW: Actually I’ve started doing some directing again which I haven’t done in a long time. That’s my little things.I think there quite a few more records to come. And hopefully writing some more stuff.

Popbuff: What do you enjoy more – performing on stage or acting on television or movies?
TW: Actually this is the most fun…the stuff for the band. We have a lot of control and they are really the best musicians in the world. I feed off of that. It’s a different show everyday and it’s always interesting. It’s a blast. It’s a lot of fun.

Popbuff: How did you select your songs.
TW: It’s a mix of things. I have a producer that has me choose songs but a lot of them are my own ideas. Sometime it will take a pop tune making it into a jazz song a little bit or take Joni Mitchell or Bruce Springsteen and give it a jazz treatment. It’s a lot of fun. It kinda integrates everything.

Special thanks to Tiina Mittler

Ruchel Freibrun popbuff blogger and Tom Wopat

Tom Wopat Meet and Greet

Tom Wopat with a fan

Tom Wopat jazz and country  artist

Tom Wopat in Brea

Tom Wopat at The Curtis TheatreTom Wopat Ruchel Freibrun

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  1. What a sweet interview! Love it & brought Jack so memories.

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