Jeff Bridges – Musician, Photographer, Actor, Sculptor, Humanitarian and “The Dude”


Hollywood royalty Jeff Bridges

There was no introduction or grand entrance for the ultimate artist, Academy Award winner, and Hollywood royalty Jeff Bridges. He performed April 24, Thursday at The Coach House San Juan Capistrano. Instead, he came down on the stage and proudly introduced his daughter, Jessie Bridges, as an opening act. The loving father mentioned the best thing about doing his tour was working with his talented daughter Jessie. The exuberant Jessie Bridges has natural talent, a soulful voice, great stage presence, and gifted guitar player.  After performing several songs, Jessie enthusiastically introduced Jeff Bridges and the Abiders.

Jessie Bridges and Jeff Bridges

Daughter Jessie Bridges and Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges started with my favorite song from his Jeff Bridges album, “What a Little Bit of Love can Do”. Another favorite that he performed was, “Fallin’ & Flyin’” from the movie “Crazy Heart”. The highly anticipated sold out concert was a mix of country, rock and roll and blues. He was so relaxed playing the guitar that you could feel and see that he was really enjoying what he’s doing. It was just so natural for him just like delivering a role or playing a character in the movies. A fan, Pamela P., was sitting across me at The Coach House mentioned why she’s there and likes Bridges music, “His music is sort of roots music. It’s an infusion of blues, southern rock, country all mix together and it brings a whole lot of different people together.”

Bridges’ band, the Abiders is just a perfect match – they all have great musicianship, repertoire and talent. The best part of Bridges’ concert was sharing his stories about his songs and life  experiences and how they connected to his music.

Bridges connected well with the audience. Some were even dressed as “The Dude” from the cult film “The Big Lebowski”.  As the last song was played, Bridges thanked the audience and responded to the demand of the enthusiastic crowd for an encore with his band and his daughter Jessie.

The Abiders and Jessie Bridges

The Abiders and Jessie Bridges


Prior to seeing Jeff Bridges’ concert, he graciously answered my questions about his current career and family.

Popbuff: Is The Big Lebowski Fest going to be a yearly fest?
JB:  I performed a year ago and it was so fun. It was my Beatles moment performing to a sea of Dudes! I really like what Lebowski fest has done in the spirit of the movie. I support them when I can.

Popbuff: You’re doing tours currently, what do you like most about performing on stage versus being in movies?
JB: Playing with my daughter Jessie is a thrill, nothing like playing with your kids and playing with the audience is great. It’s very different than making a film in that way.

Popbuff: You’ve been in the biz for so long; do you still have a movie dream role?
JB: No not really. A lot of my movies have already come true for me. A few that still haven’t happened, I’ve always wanted to play Dwayne Jackson again from the “Last Picture Show” and “Texasville”. It will be nice to do a third installment of Larry McMurtry’s brilliant work.

Popbuff: Do you have an album coming up?
JB: Yes working on a live album now!

Popbuff: Who do you want to collaborate with in your next album?
JB: Always great to work with my dear friend T Bone Burnett .. such a talented guy.

Popbuff: Do you have a favorite band?
JB: Many come to mind. Yeah …the Band’s pretty great now that you mention it. Of course you’ve got the Beatles and then more obscure guys turn me on like Moondog’s stuff  .. can’t really pick just one.

Special thanks to Jean Sievers.

Jessie Bridges
Jessie Bridges at The Coach House

The Abiders

The Dude

The Abiders at The Coach House

The Abiders at The Coach House San Juan Capistrano

Jeff Bridges and The Abiders

Hollywood royalty Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges concert

Jeff Bridges on stage

Jeff Bridges

Jessie and Jeff Bridges

Mr Jeff Bridges

The Abiders and Jessie Bridges

Ruchel Freibrun popbuff blogger with Jeff Bridges


  1. Michael D. says:

    Great review, Ruchel. I would have loved to see that show. Oddly, I don’t think The Dude is one of his best roles. I think my favorite Jeff Bridges performances were in Starman and The Fisher King.

  2. I almost saw him last month at a benefit with Dishwalla. After reading this review, I wish that I had. He sound like a great guy & that he put on a fun show:)

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