Kim Alexis, Cojo and Fashion Meets Art at The Pageant of the Masters Laguna Beach

Supermodel Kim Alexis with Fashion Meets Art Model


Steven Cojo Cojocaru Fashion Commentator

Festival Runway Fashion

Every year I make it a point to visit one of my favorite fashion events. This is not just any fashion show but it’s a fashion show that is part of the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts. It’s like Project Runway but it’s called Festival Runway Fashion. This year the show was hosted by Cojo and featured Kim Alexis as one of the celebrity judges. It featured local artists showcasing their creativity from reclaimed, reused or recycled materials.

This is the 6th year of Festival Runway Fashion. The event consisted of four categories:

  • Most Creative Concept
  • Most Exciting Ensemble
  • Most Innovative Use of Materials
  • Most Glamorous & Elegant “Red Carpet” worthy creation

Here are some highlights of some of my favorite fashions on display on the runway.

Recycled Paper Fashion Meets ArtRecycled cd futuristic model
Model2 Fashion Meets Art
Lottery Ticket Model Fashion Meets ArtLottery Train Fashion Meets Art
Model Fashion Meets Art Laguna BeachModeling wires Fashion Meets Art
Model Runway Fashion Meets Art

This year the winner walked away with a $1,000 cash prize. Stay tuned for updated info on the winners in each category. The fashions were definitely the most creative yet. I was particularly enamored with the outfit made up entirely of lottery tickets. If you click on the photo of the train, you can see a close up of the tickets. Amazing work!

Laguna College of Art & Design and Thalia Surf Shop

Popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun and model


Meghan and Barbara PR staff

Spencer and supermodel Kim Alexis

Laguna College of Art and Design students modeled the clothing on the runway with FRF. The students modeled sports action wear from the school’s recent collaboration with Thalia Surf Shop and Vans.


By the way, as an OC resident, I’m proud to report that LCAD is the first college in the world to offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Action Sports Design. If you want to checkout the LCAD designs, click here or visit any of Thalia Surf Shops and then look for LCAD labels.

Vans Tennis Shoes at Fashion meets Art

LCAD Fashion Meets Art

Laguna College of Art and Design models


My Thoughts on Cojo as a Celebrity Host

One of the highlights of this year’s “Fashion Meets Art” was the celebrity host and fashion critic Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru. Cojo is known as America’s top red carpet guru, style expert, fashion critic and a sought after interviewer. 

When it was time for me to have a photo-op with Cojo and supermodel Kim Alexis, he asked me, “So don’t you feel intimidated that you are in between two supermodels?” That cracked me up.

At the event, Cojo was the fashion commentator while the models walked the catwalk. He did such a great job hosting and had a great sense of humor. I noticed he got the audience listening to him attentively and at the same time kept up with every detail of the models in their innovative clothing designs.

When it was time for me to have a photo-op with Cojo and supermodel Kim Alexis, he asked me, “So don’t you feel intimidated that you are in between two supermodels?” That cracked me up.

Meeting Kim Alexis

I have always admired Kim Alexis‘ beauty and talent. Growing up in the ’80s, I was a fashion afficionado and I read all the teen magazines like Seventeen, Teen, Young Miss and IN. I would always see Kim on a beauty ad campaign, especially the famous ad of Cover Girl where she was wearing red striped shirt.

Featured in countless TV and print ads, Kim has graced over 500 magazines and had six appearances in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. I also remember her in the late ’80s when she served as fashion editor on Good Morning America.

Kim Alexis’ most recent show was HBO’s About Face: Supermodels Then and Now” The show features stories of original supermodels (from current to 80 years old) and explores beauty and aging.

I was able to squeeze in some questions with Kim. My first impression? She was personable and super nice. After the interview, I introduced Kim to my youngest son Spencer and she was so sweet to hug and carry him.

Popbuff: Is this your first time to see Pageant of the Masters?
Kim: It was my first time seeing any Pageant of the Masters. we saw it last night. We got to see behind the scenes before hand so we saw how much make up and how altered a human being could get but to watch the lighting just sucked the humans into a picture frame to me that was really neat. Sort of would all just come together when the lighting would come up in the frame.

Popbuff: Would you come back to see it again?
Kim: Oh yeah, it was wonderful. And it was neat to be outside and enjoy the beautiful al fresco.

Popbuff: What can you say about Laguna Beach?
Kim: I used to live here so I’m here visiting friends.

Popbuff: Do you have any upcoming projects?
Kim: I write for two magazines. I’m a beauty and health editor and write books. I have 5 ebooks.. More speaking engagements.

Popbuff: What is your word of advice for young people who like to enter the world of modeling.
Kim: Always have something to fall back on. Don’t be desperate. And never do anything that compromises your moral values.


I was blown away by the amazing and wild fashion design made exclusively from recycled materials such as wires, lottery tickets, CD’s, plastic wraps, and brown paper bags. The headpieces that some of the models wore were very imaginative. The robot was hands down my favorite. It was amazing and clearly entertaining to my boys (5,8,11 years young) who had their favorites too and it was their first time to a fashion show.

Kim Alexis, Ruchel Freibrun and Cojo Cojocaru


Finale Fashion Meets Art

What are your thoughts on the fashion show? I’d love to hear any funny or memorable stories you have about the event, Kim, or Cojo.



  1. Great write-up and vibrant pics! Wish I was there!

  2. Thanks Marites for your wonderful comment. Hope you can join me next year.

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