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LIFE’s Magazine Special Issue: The ’80s Remembering a Wild and Crazy Time
by Ruchel Freibrun March, 18, 2013

LIFE's Special Issue , The '80s Remembering a Wild and Crazy TimeI was at the grocery store when I eyed this stellar magazine called LIFE that had a special issue on the ’80s. Being an ’80s aficionado, I browsed through the pages and decided to purchase it in a flash as it features iconic photographs from the ’80s, after all that’s what my blog is all about.

The special issue of LIFE, “The ’80s Remembering a Wild and Crazy Time,” features the decades’ gadgets ā€“ the walkman , vcr, Rubik’s cube, and also includes music, flicks, TV, sports and political memoirs of the time. It is indeed a wild and crazy decade from the wedding of the century of Lady Diana and Prince Charles to the fall of the Berlin Wall to the scandal of the first African American Miss America, Vanessa Williams as she became fodder for the gossip columnists.
Iā€™m not a sports fan but I have watched the Olympics faithfully since 1976 and I was 8 years old at that time. The track and field events of the ā€˜80s Olympics in Los Angeles and Seoul between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis were thrilling to watch. In 1988, Johnson finished Gold medal, but a test proved Johnson had taken steroids so Gold went to Lewis.

The ’80s were a Golden age of television. LIFE magazine featured memorable photos of television hits – Dallas, The Love Boat, Dynasty, and my favorite Knott’s Landing. I used to watch Knott’s Landing with my mom every Sunday night in the Philippines. It was also the decade of the Cosby Show, Family Ties, Miami Vice, The A-Team and Knight Rider. Although these were some of my favorites, I was disappointed not to see my favorite sitcom Facts of Life in the special issue. LIFE also included a full page photo of E.T including the young Drew Barrymore. But my favorite section was the Angst, All Ages page that had a photo of The Breakfast Club, musical hit movies like Flashdance and Dirty Dancing. Surprisingly, Pretty in Pink was not mentioned.

Of course, the ’80s was the decade of Michael Jackson, who changed many of our lives with his hit music. As LIFE Magazine would put it, “in the 1980s: Enter Michael.” You will also see iconic photos of The Boss (Bruce Springsteen), NKOTB, New Edition, Cyndi Lauper, Devo, Prince, The B52s and other hit makers. On female pop artist side, Madonna hit it big throughout the decade. Her fashion style made a big wave with millions of young girls around the world – short skirts worn over leggings, brassieres worn as outerwear and lace ribbons to name a few.

To date, this is of course my favorite issue of LIFE. Growing up in the ’80s, this issue brought back vivid memories of my teen age life. The special issue is total coffee table material. Not only that, this issue will help my kids understand more about the decade that was fun and historical. I strongly recommend you Gen X’ers to grab a copy. Thanks LIFE magazine.