Dave Koz, Special Guest on Breakfast with Gary and Kelly, KSBR Radio Show

Dave KozOn January 18, I was fortunate enough to see Dave Koz perform in Mission Viejo with my husband and boys. Dave Koz was a special guest at Breakfast with Garry and Kelly, a KSBR radio show. The radio show was broadcast live at 9 am from the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center. The program airs on the City of Mission Viejo’s MVTV Channel 30 and on Saddleback College’s SCTV Channel 39 through Cox.

As Garry and Kelly introduced Dave, he entered playing his hit and the audience was thrilled. After he played his first music, Gary and Kelly asked him how he first got started playing the saxophone. He explained that his parents asked him to learn to play the piano but he hated it. So he rebelled when he was 10 and switched to drums. After a year, when his dad picked him up from a lesson, the drum teacher pulled his dad aside and suggested take up sports instead. Needless to say, this was not the end of Koz’s musical endeavors.

Dave’s brother had a band, and they were already booking weddings and Bar Mitzvahs on weekends where they lived in the valley north of Los Angeles. Dave wanted to earn money too on the weekends and wanted to join his brother. So he kept asking his brother if he could join the band. His brother said the band needed a Sax player and the only way he could join the band was to play the saxophone. At 13, he tried the saxophone. He mentioned that he sat by the window, picked up the saxophone, and for whatever reason that instrument felt right and the rest was history.

Koz explained about the types of saxophone and what type he plays. He said a lot of people are familiar with the straight soprano saxophone like what Kenny G plays. “I play the curved soprano saxophone variety. Primarily, the main reason why I play is because it makes me look thin.” And the audience laughed.

Aside from having a great sense of humor and a gift as a musician, Dave was also a radio personality. It came naturally to him to DJ and co-host for six years on The Dave Koz Morning Show on 94.7, the Wave in Los Angeles. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that he earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications at UCLA. He left the show in 2007.

After a series of questions, it was time for him to play his final number. The audience was very high energy – dancing and clapping. At the end of his song, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

After the event, it was time for Dave to sign his latest cd, “Summer Horns”. Being a blogger, I couldn’t help but asked him a couple questions.

Ruchel: What can you say about being a special guest for Breakfast with Garry and Kelly?
Dave: I had no idea before I came here what it was like and I had a great time. They are wonderful hosts but the thing that impressed me most is the audience, the energy.

Ruchel: What is special about your latest cd? This is the music I grew up with and love.
Dave: The music I was exposed to as a kid and was able to many years later do faithful recreations of and take it to another place. It has been a dream come true.

Ruchel: Any words for your fans?
Dave: Thank you very much. Thanks for supporting us. Can’t do without you.

Opening at Garry and Kelly Breakfast Show

Dave Koz in Mission Viejo

Dave Koz Live on stage




Dave Koz

Dave Koz with Garry and Kelly

Dave KozDave Koz

Dave KozDave Koz

Dave Koz live on stage

Dave Koz

Dave Koz playing the curved soprano saxophone variety

Dave Koz with Kelly from Breakfast with Garry and Kelly

Dave Koz with Kelly from Breakfast with Garry and Kelly

Standing ovation for Dave Koz

Dave Koz with popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun and family

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