Debbie Gibson with Ruchel Freibrun popbuff blogger

Debbie Gibson and Ruchel at The Hollywood Show is the creation of Ruchel Freibrun. Ruchel is a marketing specialist, pop culture blogger, and writer for OC Concert Guide. She grew up in the ’80s and believes the ’80s is the best pop culture era, so she decided to create this blog which focuses on ’80s and early ’90s goodness.

Ruchel was one of the pioneers who worked with America Online Digital City as Associate Interactive Media Developer in Santa Monica during the dotcom era of the late 90’s. Ruchel is passionate about digital scrapbooking, event photography and her family. Her education includes a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Asian Studies. She also has a professional designation in Entertainment Public Relations from UCLA. She and her husband have 3 boys and live in southern Orange County.

If you have questions or comments, Ruchel is always interested in hearing from PopBuff readers. There are a number of ways you can contact her. You can reach her thru social media or fill out the contact box with your feedback that will be emailed to her inbox: