Getting to know Jim Shearer host of VH1’s Top 20 Countdown

Jim Shearer of VH1's Top 20 Video Countdown

Jim Shearer of VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown

Jim Shearer of VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown

Part of my Saturday morning routine is watching VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown with Jim Shearer. Watching Jim Shearer host the show takes me down memory lane to the early generation of MTV when it used to play 24 hours of music videos. Shearer does such an excellent job that I consider him one of the best VJ’s of his generation. If you want to keep abreast of today’s music and video buzz then VH1’s Top 20 Countdown is a great way to get the scoop.

Shearer is also a music expert on VH1’s morning show “Big Morning Buzz Live”. He started his music career in 2002 after catching the eye of the executive vice president of MTV with his homemade audition tape.  He has interviewed top of music artists of today such as TrainVance Joy, Chris Martin and Charlie XCX, just to name a few.

Since 2009, Shearer has been hosting VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown and has hosted high profile shows on VH1 such as VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and VH1’s 100 Greatest Videos of All Time.

It is such a delight to feature Jim Shearer on and for the first time to feature a Video jock on our blog.

If you have not seen Jim Shearer on VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown, it is every Saturday mornings at @ 9 a.m. ET/PT. You may also follow Jim Shearer on Twitter and Instagram @JimShearer

I try to be as entertaining and informative as possible. If you leave the Countdown with a few laughs and nuggets of music knowledge then I’m a happy camper! – Jim Shearer

But before you do anything else, lets get to know more about Shearer in my recent interview below.

Popbuff: Tell me where it all began, how you started your career as a VJ of Top 20 Video Countdown on VH1.
Jim: I had VJ’d on MTV2 for six years. When my run ended there, I started up a music blog for IFC. A year later I got a random e-mail asking if I was interested in hosting the Countdown. I came in for a few meetings, and beginning in 2009 I was the new host of the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown. There was interest in me before, but I was still under contract with MTV2.

Popbuff: How do you keep up with all the music news? What is on your personal reading list?
Jim: I keep up to date on all of my music news by telling new music news every week on the Countdown. When researching for a story, you easily get caught up on everything. Reading-wise, I’ll check out Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, AV Club, and keep up with stuff on Twitter.

Photo credit: Bob Riha Jr.

Photo credit: Bob Riha Jr.

Popbuff:  You counted down this year’s Top 20 Video on VH1. What is your top 10 video personal favorite this year. Do you have a favorite video of all time?
Jim: My favorite video of all time is “So What’cha Want” by the Beastie Boys. When I saw it, I knew I had to work in music somehow. Not much goes on in the video, but it spoke to me in ways I can’t explain.
As for my favorites this year. I really like “Ain’t It Fun” from Paramore. It’s one of those videos that you don’t get tired of after one viewing. I also like “I Lived” from One Republic and “Headphones” from Matt Nathanson. They took it to another level, making powerful videos that brought attention to hearing recovery and cystic fibrosis research.
“The Walker” from Fitz & The Tantrums was also a fun watch. Who doesn’t get antsy in the DMV line?!

Popbuff:  You’ve been the host of VH1’s Top 20 Video countdown since 2009, do you have a favorite moment?
Jim: Yes. After a fun interview with Chili from TLC (one of my teenage crushes) we began shooting reads on the nearby streets of NYC, and MCA from the Beastie Boys walked past us. MCA–rest in peace–was my favorite musician of all-time, so any time you get to say hi to your favorite musician is a cool moment.

VH1's Jim Shearer

Photo credit: Bob Riha, Jr.

Popbuff: When MTV started in the ’80s, they introduced the five fresh faces that guided America through the rock and roll of the ’80s,and these are the first MTV VJ’s: Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Martha Quinn, and J.J. Jackson. Have you met any of them? If yes, how would you describe your encounter? If not, who do you want to meet and why?

Jim: I’ve met Mark Goodman and we’ve become pretty friendly. His stories are legendary. I mean, he started it all. And back in the day, when MTV was the THING, VJs were rock stars, too.
I haven’t met any of the other originals, but I have met one of my favorites, Kennedy, and when I started working at MTV I got to meet a lot of the hosts that I respected for years, like John Norris, Matt Pinfield, and Kurt Loder.

Popbuff: Part of the show is when you do celebrity interviews. Did you have an uncomfortable moment, embarrassing experience or awkward situation you would like to share?

Jim: I get asked that question a lot from friends, and honestly, there aren’t a lot of awkward moments. Interviewing Taylor Swift was a bit awkward, just because her people are on top of everything, and don’t want you to veer off the script. I like to keep my interviews conversational, so it’s easy for me to stray from the the initial list of questions. Interviewing her was fine, but I definitely felt the eyes of her team upon me.

I also interviewed Robin Thicke this year who released an album called “Pauline”, inspired and named after his estranged wife. A member from his team was concerned I was going to ask too many questions about his wife. Um, the album was about his wife and named after his wife, why wouldn’t I ask about her? It got awkward in the pre-interview, because I said, “There’s obvious questions I can’t avoid asking.” If his publicist knew me, she would’ve known I would never cheap shot an artist and maybe would’ve had more faith in me. In hindsight, Robin should’ve just sat on the album. It didn’t do well because it felt like an unfocused, gut reaction. I don’t think he did much press following his appearance on our show, which was probably a good thing.

Popbuff: You’re also part of “Big Morning Buzz Live”.  How is it working with Nick Lachey?
Jim: Good. We always talk sports. Coincidentally, this Sunday our teams are going against each other for the Division title. He loves his Cincinnati sports teams.

Jim Shearer host of VH1s Top 20 Video Countdown

Popbuff: What’s on your bucket list?
Jim: Someday, I’d love to reach a creative nirvana, whether that be in art or the media. I’d love to make something pure that would be remembered after I’m gone. If I don’t, no biggy, it’s fun and challenging to try to accomplish that.

Popbuff: Any words for the fans?
Jim: Thanks for watching every week! I’m appreciative of anyone who cares about what I do. I try to be as entertaining and informative as possible. If you leave the Countdown with a few laughs and nuggets of music knowledge then I’m a happy camper!


  1. I love Jim Shearer! I followed him from MTV2 to the VH1 Countdown and was so happy when they started putting it online so I could watch. He’s a very cool, likeable dude.

    • Hi Katilina.
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I luv him too. I agree he is very likeable. 🙂

      • I luv Jim, too. However he’s been missing from the countdown all month. Does anyone know when he’ll be back? I hope he’s not gone for good.

        • I hope he’s not done with the show. I have watched it over the past few weeks trying to get used to the new concept and I don’t like it at all. Unfortunately, I no longer have interest in watching the show. He did a great job!

    • nifki goddard says:

      I really like Jim Shearer on the top 20 countdown. He makes the whole show. If he does not come back I will stop watching it.
      Nicki Goddard

      • I’m 70yrs. old and the only way I kept up with whats happening in music was the VH1 Countdown with Jim Shearer and he’s the reason I watched it.Since he’s been gone ,it has lost it’s omp. Whats happen to him and is he coming back? My name is G.G. and I live in Chicago.

      • Ruthie Flater says:

        Miss Jim been watching for years! He was the best VJ :)! Hope he’ll come back. Don’t watch as much.Don’t like the new VJ :(!

  2. JoAnn Spooner says:

    So where is Jim Shearer???? Just turned on VH1 and no Jim

  3. Mark Franjione says:

    Yinz gotta luv Jim Shearer!

  4. Sharon Molbegott says:

    I’m glad Jim will be back. He’s a pleasure to watch. I feel he keeps me in close touch with the pulse of music. I thought I had missed something & waiting for her to say she was covering for Jim.

  5. VH1 didn’t renew Jim’s contract – WTF?! This ‘network’ seems to make the worst decisions they show little consideration or respect to their talent and/or their viewers. Maybe Jim and Carrie Keegan, whom they also unceremoniously ousted, can come up with a show together on a more appreciative network. Boo VHH!

  6. Doug Torborg says:

    Where is Jim thought he would be back this week???? He is a big reason I keep watching the show.

  7. Agreed must have Jim back. Tuned In Today still missing him!

  8. Patricia Miller says:

    Ok where is Jim Shearer?

  9. Jan 17th. Where is Jim?

  10. The show is not the same

  11. Margaret Coletta says:

    This ridiculous jim was the best. We want him back vh1

  12. I just started a # on twitter and this is what I tweet #VH1Top20 is not the same without @JimShearer @VH1Music @VH1PR @VH1 #BringJimShearerBackonVH1

    • Tnx, I just retweeted your tweet…he needs to come back, the show is terrible without him

      • I agree. I stopped watching the show because everyone else sucks. Jim is the BEST and corporate has made a BIG mistake! Bring Jim back!!!!!

  13. The show is not the same without Jim Shearer. These guest hosts just don’t cut it. Instead of feeling enjoyment watching the show and having a laugh or two, all I feel is annoyed at the stupid jokes and comments the guest hosts make that just fall flat. This was my last weekend for watching VH1 Top 20.

  14. Bring back Jim Shearer! Thats bull crap that they did not renew his contract! We want Jim back!!!!!

  15. Jess Minor says:

    They really need to bring back Jim Shearer. The show is seriously not the same without him. I miss seeing him.

  16. Jim Shearer was the best part of that show! The show is very dull without him, no matter how good the videos are. He made the show what it is. It won’t last without him, guaranteed !! Very disappointed about such a poor decision not to renew his contract !!!

  17. I will no longer watch top 20 without Jim Shearer. Stupid exec always mess up s good thing

  18. Bring Jim back! Your other weekly hosts suck! BORING!

  19. where is jim shearer?

  20. Dang it! So this is the first news I found about Jim Shearer not returning to the countdown this year… and then I was looking for when BIG MORNING BUZZ LIVE with Nick Lachey and Jim Shearer will be returning… and I find it’s been cancelled! :'( Did VH1 just totally divorce him? I miss Jim. :'(

  21. Well, guess I’ll just stop watching VH 1 altogether. Jim is the best vj ever. Our Sunday mornings are reading the paper, having coffee and catching the Top 20. Now I’ll have to watch Fox News with my hubby. See yinz later, VH1…

  22. Leona Sizemore says:

    Bring back Jim Shearer!!!!

  23. This was the only show I still watched on VH1. The past two weeks have been painful/unwatchable. If Jim isn’t coming back, I guess I’ll delete Top20 from my DVR.

  24. This vh1 countdown sucks without Jim Shearer!!! I won’t be watching it anymore!

  25. Kathy M.B. says:

    VH1 The top 20 countdown is not the same without Jim Shearer. Our household is multi generational and we all miss him. The fill ins and guest announcers on each show are awful. Half of them act like they can’t read. Please bring Jim Shearer back or we will stop watching VH1 all together. Don’t the executives ever consider what their viewing audience wants. This is one of the worse calls yet because I’m sure a large part of the viewing audience will be tuning out along with me. Whatever Jim is asking for give it to him. I’m sure it’s more money and perks. He’s worth it if it keeps Jim happy and keep people coming back each week to see the show. Perhaps they can compromise. Jim doesn’t strike me as a diva so I would hope they could come to some agreement. VH1 needs to reach out quickly before he’s gone forever. I just hope Jim realizes how much his fans love him and that he appreciates their efforts to bring him back. Please VH1 get Jim back or 3 generations in our home will be turning you off. This makes me so angry and so disappointed in the networks hats. I know in my heart it’s the end of watching VH1 and that makes me sad to have to give up another tradition. I hope they fix this, but I know they won’t. Bye VH1.

  26. Bring him back!!!!!!

  27. TerryFerschke says:

    Come on Jim I want you back on the show miss you so much its not the same without you,hope to see you soon,love you man!!!!

  28. Bring Jim Shearer back, VH1!!! He is a great interviewer! And very knowledgable about the music & the artists! I have a long, long time VH1viewer for music only, but now may finally give it up if Jim doesn’t come back! VH1 execs, do the right thing!!

  29. Ok I have been watching since it started I lived Jim Jim not coming back sucks this is 3 generation watching. I started watching when music video television started. Jim is good (nothing compared to the originals but he is up there ) stupid not renewing his contract. Just sayin.

  30. Vicky Tiel says:

    I was away in France and come back to US with no Jim !
    The show is AWFUL with the pregnant lady!
    I hate it, Bring Jim Back you nitwits…pay him what he wants and bring him back or you will loose the audience!

  31. Very disappointed in the VH1 Top 20 now without Jim. The guest hosts just don’t cut it. I am completing my TV viewing diary for Neilsen right now and will voice my opinion to them as well.

  32. please renew jim’s contract I don’t understand when a show is on top because of the host its a NO BRAINER please bring jim back thank you

  33. Still missing Jim!!!!

  34. I can’t believe that VH-1 execs would be SO stupid as not to renew Jim Shearer’s contract. He’s superb and brought SO much to countdown show. It’s absolutely not the same – I watch every Saturday while getting ready for work. Really annoyed – BRING JIM BACK!!

  35. Please bring back Jim he is such a great host!

  36. Never know how much you love something till it’s gone.miss you Jim. Vh1, make my weekend whole again and bring back Jim.

  37. Nicole McCord says:

    Please back Jim Shearer, the countdown sucks without him!

  38. Watched Countdown again this weekend hoping Jim would be back…..without Jim, it sucks….I will not be watching anymore. VH1 – what were you thinking? There is no life to this show, it seems rigid and mechanical now.

  39. I too like so many people, enjoyed watching the top 20 countdown with Jim Shearer. He was interesting to listen to every week. I hope he comes back because the show is not the same without him.

  40. The heart and soul has been ripped out of VH-1 top twenty without Jim Shearer. There is no place I can find to contact the show directly to complain about this. The show has become so flat and boring. A new host every week just doesn’t work. The suits at VH-1 need a reality check. IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT. You only made it worse.

  41. VH1 ruined our weekend morning routine-I’m so bummed. For the life of me I can’t understand why they didn’t renew Jim’s contract-the hosts have been dreadful (the one today is laughing at her own jokes, for crying out loud!!) This was one of the shows we could watch with our 10yr old and really connect-and she just said “Where’s our guy??” Guess VH1 lost another family. BOOOOOOOO!

  42. The show won’t survive without the energy and passion Jim provided. Renew or cancel.

  43. VHI execs….your countdown is unwatchable now…the host this morning is the most annoying ever. Signing off from VH1 for good….

  44. Snuzen now on Sat am says:

    Very unhappy about the loss of Jim Shearer. What was VH1 thinking?? The guest hosts give us no continuity. Very lame. It was my Saturday morning staple. No more. #bringbackjimshearer PLEASE!!!!

  45. The host this week was horrible. Bring back Jim. She doesn’t even know what she’s s talking about. She said the Sugar video (Maroon 5), everyone was singing the lyrics and the song wasn’t out yet. Watch the video b4 you speak. No one was singingbut one person. She said “your sweet”. That was part of the chorus, he repeats the chorus, eveveryone knows it after they hear it. Bring back Jim or get someone with a brain…

  46. Def will not be watching the countdown anymore!! without Jim their isn’t a show ! He was part of our Sunday morning routine ! Soo sad they need to respect the people and give them what they want and we want jim! And when you bring him back their has def be advertising everywhere that he’s back because he’s the only reason we watch the channel !!!

  47. I knew something was wrong at the end of 2014 when he didn’t say see yins next year…this was my Sat or Sun morning staple. These guests hosts suck, they are stiff. Bring back Jim shearer VH1!!!
    What a stupid decision…but then what else is expected from a network that survives on reality TV shows…I guess this is the end of VH1 for me

  48. Bring back Jim!! Look how many people miss him. The show isn’t the same! I’ve tried watching, but I just can’t! I miss Jim!

  49. It sucks without Jim. The guest hosts are annoying & it’s just not the same. VH1 made a horrible mistake not renewing his contract. I guess they’d rather have annoying newbies do the job rather than an experienced, lovable professional.

  50. Bring back Jim Shearer! I check in every Saturday morning to see if he’s on, then I change the channel. He made the show!!

  51. Without Jim Shearer as the host I won’t be watching VH1 Top 20 Countdown any longer. My granddaughter and I will have to start watching the countdown on Fuse!

  52. Bring back Jim!!!

  53. Sandy Jones says:

    Are you crazy VH1 Execs. Jim needs to come back. Pay him, pay him pay HIM!

  54. says:

    this sucks so much, do y’all know why he didnt get his contract renewd?

  55. Holly Derek says:

    Jim was the ‘Ryan Seacrest’ of the music video world. Who in the world would remove a Ryan Seacrest? Dummies, that’s who. So sad. Another American staple gone ‘flushing’.

  56. Really? So, what kind of plan is it to have a guest host each week? Ridiculous! Jim made the show interesting and it was a Saturday morning comfort to know he was the host. That was NOT smart VH1!

  57. patricia says:

    I miss him as well . The show was enjoyable and you always learned something new and interesting
    I have been taping them but after I find out who is hosting and not Jim I usually erase it Bring back Jimb

  58. MIke F. says:

    I love the show for the videos that is true but Jim was the best host the show ever had and he is removed cause they can’t settle on a contract. VH1 should know by these post he is missed and therefore deserves a good contract they can’t see that then VH1 is so stupid. They let these singers host the show they are singers they can’t host. Last week on Feb 28th show they had Hoodie Allen host the guy might be able to rap but he can’t host a show, that’s all about it too, get Jim back these host can’t do it. I mean I love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry but if they were to host I’d still want Jim back he host the show, Taylor, Katy and Hoodie let them sing let Jim countdown….. I’ll see yens later!

  59. Hey everyone,

    Below are the emails of VH-1 execs. When you post here, send the same complaint to them directly. They need to get lots of emails about this.,,,,,,

    • Rose says:

      Jim was the best, I enjoyed him so much I would watch the countdown on Saturday and the rerun on Sunday, his interviews were entertaining. I’m sorry to say that all the people they have hosting each week SUCK! I just started getting my boyfriend into watching VH1 countdown two years ago (which was tough because he doesn’t watch TV) and now he misses him. What a stupid idea to let him go……

      • Thanks Archie for the emails. I just emailed a strongly worded letter about this to all of them. The new “20” with the new “host” is awful, she is annoying and boring and the channel on my tv has changed! My Pittsburgh partner Jim Shearer, start your own top 20! Hell, I’d watch you if you taped it in your basement and put it on Utube!

        I’ll see yinz later

  60. Good job Archie. Just send the link to the highest executive and cc each one of them. 🙂

  61. The new Vj’s are not good. They are singers who were made to look funny and essential by Jim. The mark of a good leader is to know when to make course changes. Note to self ” do not cut off nose to spite face!” Jim Shearer will be successful with or without VH-1 but his fans have spoken here and VH-1 would do well to listen. You missed the mark here. Oh yeah, give him a raise when you bring him back too. You know you want to.

  62. Kim Bell says:

    Sooooo bummed Jim Shearer has not been on VH1. Without Jim the show has lost it’s pizazz. I hope VH1 can lure him back. Lure Jim back and you will lure me back.

  63. I want jim back !!

  64. C. Kelly says:

    Yes!! bring him back!!!, the host’s are ANNOYING!! and BORING!!! he makes the show livelier and fun to watch I thought he’s just on vacation, I stopped watching to AVOID getting ANNOYED >

  65. We miss our every Saturday morning tradition without Jim Shearer!

  66. Kathy Miklosey says:

    Not warching the countdown anymore…vh1 execs do not know how to run this…renew Jims contract! Don’t you people see how you have ruined the countdown for all of us faithful viewers. Not you will loose the ratings! Bring Jim back! Stop the stupidty!

  67. Please bring Jim back!!!

  68. You have to bring Jim back. I have already stopped watching the top 20 and I miss Jim and the show.

  69. I wonder if it’s an issue of money. I doubt it, since he seems to love his job, and I can’t see him heckling over pay. It better not be because he’s 40 now, and they want a youngster! He’s perfect for this job! He is still hip and very in touch with today’s music, and he also knows about music from decades past. Who can they find to do a better job?! Hope to see ya back, Jim! It’s been too long. 🙁

  70. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me why his contract was not renewed? And, what is he doing for work now?

  71. Yolanda Riley-Portal says:

    I agree with everyone, the different hosts for the Countdown are annoying! Bring Jim back. I will stop watching!

  72. Sandy Kauffman says:

    So after reading all the comments. Where is Jim Shearer? He’s the best and VH1 is not the same.

  73. Dale McAuliffe says:

    This show sucks really bad!!Are you guys kidding??????? Getting rid of a really classy Jim for these guest Vjays??? We are all loosing interest in the top twenty countdown. Bring our Jim back before it is too late and no one is watching your show VH1!!!!!!!!

  74. Hey a$$holls at vh1 get my Saturday morning,s wife,s man back on or face the wrath of my wife!

  75. My hubby and I have not missed the countdown on the weekends since Jim became host of the show. We love him. On Saturday mornings watching him do the countdown as we had our coffee sort of felt like he was visiting us and sharing great music. But now he is gone and these others hosts just are NOT entertaining at all. We want Jim!! We love Jim!! Give us Jim!! Hubby and I are 50 something’s and we have stopped watching the show and will never watch it again without Jim!! Jim we hope to “see yinz back soon!!”

  76. I miss jim 🙁 now the show is called “the 20” wtf?!?!?

  77. David Gryzick says:

    Shannon Coffey was horrible in her debut!!! Bring back Jim! Please!!!!

    • I agree. I lasted 5 minutes before I changed the channel. I haven’t watched it often the past few years but I always enjoyed Jim. This new girl was bad.

  78. beckort says:

    Where is Jim? This Shannon Chick is Terrible! Have watched Jim on the Countdown for Years! Bring him back! This is crazy, he made the show!

  79. April S. says:

    Am I the only one who changes the channel (if I can get to it in time) when this Shannon woman comes on after a commercial or video??
    I honestly cannot tolerate her – too childish & annoying. Her acting is overdone.

    PLEASE REPLACE HER!!!! Save your ratings & keep your viewers.

  80. paul herman says:

    I started watching the Top 20 Countdown last May 2014.

    I knew the show couldn’t stay good the more I got into it.

    BUT, Jim Shearer was let go at the end of the year, more videos were edited down to 20 seconds, more stupid interviews replaced the videos, and there were weekly host changes.

    Now you picked a child wannabe as the new host and it is becoming, as others before have stated, UNWATCHABLE!!

    By the way, I am a 61 year old male who grew up on rock & roll and only last year got back into current music after being away from it since 2002.

    Who ever made the decision to drop Jim should have his or her head examined as they look for a new job!

    Thanks for nothing VH1!


    Paul Herman

  81. Sandy Toreki says:

    h anymore..Jim was mature.. not childish ..she trying to get teeny bopper 12 yr olds to watch..because that’s the only age group who could stand her childish..never funny..antics

    Bring Jim back..obviously didn’t wanna pay his salary si you got a cheap loser to take his place..whoever picked Shannon should be fired. I don’t know anyone who likes her as the host. She mat have been popular on YouTube..with teeny boppers…but she SUCKS on VHI

    The new format of more talk ..less videos..means I won’t be watching regardless of the host..I watched it to hear the music not a talk show!!!

    Maybe if the viewer ratings drop will go back to Jim and the other musical format.

  82. the show is even worse with the new host than it was with the guest hosts. they should kiss Jim’s feet to get him back

  83. I’ve watched top 20 since the beginning. My Saturday a.m. time with husband and Jim would put you in a great mood for the day. He’s a great interviewer,which is lacking in this industry. He makes the shy artist feel comfortable and gives you a good insight into there view on music and current gigs. I’m in my 50 ‘ s, Bring Back Jim!

  84. Debbie morris says:

    I can’t take anymore of this! I need Jim Shearen back. I really enjoyed him. I miss him terribly!!!

  85. Bring back Jim!

  86. Shannon Coffey is NOT funny, entertaining, or even remotely interesting to watch. She can’t interview either. Regardless of Jim’s departure reason, you would think they would get someone at least watchable.

    Shannon Coffey is horrible.

    From the comments here too, it iooks like the age demographic watching the countdown is not what VH1 though it was considering all the older people making comments. My wife and I are mid 40’s and used to put the countdown on weekends while working around the house. No more because of the endlessly annoying Shannon Coffey. VH1 needs to rethink their approach because she is simply not it.

    Please VH1, get rid of Shannon Coffey and get someone who is entertaining.

    • hi there I totaaaaaly agree I miss jim shearer so much I don’t even watch vh-1 anymore he was so personalbe gave a lot of facts verbally so you didn’t have to be in front of the tv for an hour and do some house cleaning while enjoying him and the music he was so great with the artists everyone seemed to enjoy him come back jim sincerely tammy ps why did he leave?

  87. Sherri Brown says:

    Shannon Coffey is not the right fit for this show. I would love to see Jim back, but if they won’t bring him back at least get rid of her! Please!!!

  88. God I miss Jim Shearer. Shannon Coffey is un-watchable.

  89. Jim Shearer was an awesome host. Now they have Shannon Coffee. Shannon is so annoying that we can no longer watch the show. If they would put duct tape over her mouth, the show may be tolerable.

  90. Please bring Jim Shearer back!!! He’s classy and he’s done his job with great taste. The new girl is very annoying. I tried to watch a few times but I had to turn off my tv after a few minutes. VH1 ruined my Saturday mornings for not renewing Jim. PLEASE BRING JIM BACK!!! HE’S SIMPLY THE BEST FOR THE JOB!!!!

  91. Jim was the BEST. No one can replace him, but please get rid of this ridiculous child who is not host material.

  92. i think the 20 got cancelled because its not on this week or next week and such if it did cancelled its no surprise

  93. Don Abell says:

    Any rumors out there that a host change is forthcoming? Would love to see Jim back. They lost a 10+ year viewer with the ridiculous new concept/format. Shannon Coffey is NOT a fit. Who (over the age of 12) finds her remotely funny or interesting???

  94. This week I saw that the show wasn’t on.. If it got cancelled it would not surprise me AT ALL!!! The fact that they decided that they wouldn’t renew Jim’s contract, which I’m assuming they knew was wrong in the first place, and decided to replace him with someone who obviously has no idea what funny is, it’s sickening! Jim was a great part of the show, and he especially helped people who may not have even known what was going on the music world, and helped introduce people to new music through humor and integrity.. He was a wonderful host, and if the show was cancelled, it’s VH1’s fault, and it’s especially VH1’s fault for hiring Shannon Coughdrop or whatever her name is. It saddens me that they fired Jim, and it especially would sadden me if the show was cancelled, and the reason why it would be cancelled is because of two people.. Shannon and VH1.. Oh, and don’t even got me started on the Halloween special that she had on the countdown.. That was a complete disaster as well, and the only reason I know about it is because I was flipping through the channel.. Shame on VH1!! Who agrees? Who’s with me?!

    • i agree with you dude i saw that its not going to be on this week either so either they are done for the year or the show is cancelled and its a shame what the show has become i have been a fan of the countdown since 1997 when it was just the top 10 countdown and that show is hwere i got my knowledge as a kid about music and such. Its a shame what the show is now its not about music or video or the artists its all about shannon this and shannon that. Say waht you want about the guest hosts at least they were musicians who knew about music, but shannon is a joke and ruined everything with her stupid skits and interviews and special episodes and also one other thing i dont like are the new number graphics why is everything the color pink this is not a girly show but i agree with you dude the 20 is going to become like trl cancelled and never brought back

    • Christina Vasquezu says:


  95. paul herman says:

    It seems like a waste of time to complain. VH1 doesn’t seem to care. What a joke they have become.

    Just like MTV, no more videos!

    Reruns of Saturday Night Live? Please!! At least show the originals from 1975 with the “Not Ready For Prime Time Players”……

    Dan Aykroyd
    John Belushi
    Chevy Chase
    Jane Curtin
    Garrett Morris
    Laraine Newman
    Gilda Radner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • paul herman says:

      It appears ‘The 20’ is history. Just before the year end countdown!

      Will the artists still continue to make videos?

      It will be like a tree falling in a forest, but nobody’s is around to see or hear it.

      • paul herman says:

        It appears ‘The 20’ is history. Just before the year end countdown!

        Will the artists still continue to make videos?

        It will be like a tree falling in a forest, but nobody is around to see or hear it.

  96. i have checked the schedule for vh1 and the 20 isnt going to be on at all this month i am wondering if they are just taking a break or the show is cancelled for sure because when you look at the list of shows for the monthley schedule the 20 isnt listed so its quite possible it got cancelled and if its cancelled then good riddance no more shannon but if it resumes in january hopefully we have a new host

  97. You guys are preaching to the choir- what a mess the 20 has been this year and then to cancel it without a warning or an official announcement. AWFUL! Bring it back! But with a replacement for Shannon. I hear Casey Kasem is available 🙂

  98. so i just found that the 20 is officially off the air for good along with the block of music videos they have in the morning so its safe to say that the countdown is cancelled and also the block of music videos too its clear that vh1 doesnt want any music related shows anymore or music video related shows all i can say is good riddance now we dont have to put up with shannon coffey anymore but it also means we will not see any more music videos or even see a new countdown host ever again

    • Christina Vasquez says:


  99. Without a demand for the videos, artists wont bother making them. It’s a no brainer, almost all the cable channels have changed for other programming, even the weather channel. Good news though the execs & producers lost their jobs thru their bad decisions. Not everybody wants to watch videos on their phones. The worst part of all is many of us will lose touch with current musical trends, and I for one will give a one fig less about the Grammys.

    • I enjoyed waking up early on the weekends and turn on VH1 for their video’s and Jim Shearer . All they have are stupid shows, I refuse to watch VH1. PLEASE BRING BACK THE COUNTDOWN AND JIM!

    • how do you know they were dismissed

  100. C.Evelyn says:

    I must say I agree with all the comments here. Jim Shearer was the best and I looked forward to every week with him. I’m on the West Coast so I TiVo’d the show. I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who found Shannon Coffey annoying. My niece who is the demographic they want to watch the show (17), found her so irritating she wouldn’t watch the show anymore. I stopped watching it as well, and if I did at all I would fast forward through her parts, but I must confess I deleted quite a few once I began the replay and saw she was still the host. That was how much I couldn’t stomach her.
    Jim was entertaining, informative and a good interviewer. I saw a post here that said the execs who made the decision to not renew his contract were dismissed…I certainly hope so…bunch of embeciles! Why would you ruin a perfectly good show?

    • My wife and I would watch the show every Sat\Sun morning.
      Still miss it.
      Just took VH1 off the memory list.
      Would be back in a second if top 20 would be back on.
      If you need a VJ let me know,
      So many of us live for music but not thru the web.

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