Mr. “Rico Suave” Gerardo Mejia Talks About His New Reality Show on VH1

Gerardo Mejia is back in front of the camera
I don’t know about you but in my late teens (1991), I was so into Rico Suave videos. Because I love to dance I’d mimic the Rico Suave dance moves called “locking” a style of funk dance which is today associated with hip hop. Gerardo Mejia who is better known as “Gerardo,” is famously known for his image – bandanna, long wavy hair, shirtless torso, skin-tight jeans and rock-hard abs. But who would have thought this Ecuadorian rapper, who admitted he was a player during his youthful days is now a youth pastor and a music executive? Did you also know that he discovered Enrique Iglesias? Mejia was responsible for bringing Iglesias to the attention of the executives at Interscope records in 1999.
After more than 2 decades, Mejia is back in Tinseltown. His reality TV show is called “Suave Says” and the show focuses on himself and his family. The show is aired on VH1 every Tuesdays 11/10c.
While Mr. Suave is no longer a rock star,  life was not always easy in the Mejia household.
I had a chance to interview Mr. Suave and he graciously answered my questions.
Ruchel: Let’s go back in the ’90s. Were you surprised “Rico Suave” became a phenomenal success? How did you handle your success and what was your parents’ reaction?
Gerardo: I just wanted my parents to be able to buy my CD at the local Wherehouse or Tower Records. “Rico Suave” exploded and I was like a kid in a candy store and I wanted all the candy.
Ruchel: After “Rico Suave,” what have you been doing for the past 20 years? I heard you started working on the backside of the music biz and on your personal side you became a pastor?
Gerardo: After I fizzled as an artist, I was able to hang on to my passion for music. I became an A&R at the same label that signed me as an artist (Interscope). I worked with many in the roster but was responsible for signing Enrique Iglesias and Bubba Sparxxx. I didn’t become a lay pastor until later in 2007.
Ricardo Mejia is back with a new reality show
Ruchel: Let’s focus on your reality show, “Suave Says”. Whose idea was this? How did it get started and why did you do it?
Gerardo: This I didn’t go after. I was approached by various production companies that were looking for the next Latino family. I felt God gave us the opportunity to tell our story.
Ruchel: So far, any regrets on doing the show?
Gerardo: No regrets. We have had a blast doing it. We have always worn our hearts on our sleeves. “Suave Says” is all heart.
Ruchel: How did your family react about doing their own reality show?
Gerardo: My oldest, Bianca, was the only one that was hesitant but right away understood the message we were putting across.
Ruchel: What have you learned from “Suave Says”?
Gerardo: That you cannot please everyone. As long as we get our message across the family is content.
Mr. Rico Suave
Ruchel: So your kids are now having a taste of the biz. Would you encourage them?
Gerardo: They are having a blast and if this is what they wanna do I am only gonna help them achieve their dreams.
Ruchel: Your daughter, Nadia, is a natural in modeling. She now models for Wet Seal brand. Would you allow her to do modeling as a career?
Gerardo: Nadia is a professional model signed to Next Models. She makes more money than I do.
Ruchel:  What is the show’s message to the viewers
Gerardo: To fight for your family!  Love always wins.
Gerardo Mejia stars Suave Says
Ruchel: Lastly, do you have any words for the viewers and your fans?
Gerardo: I want to thank them all for tuning in to see the blessings God has bestowed upon me. It has been a fun ride.

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