Candace Cameron Bure launches Grow, Candace, Grow in Mission Viejo

Have you ever planted a seed and watched and waited, yet it never sprouted? Maybe you didn’t have the right soil? or perhaps you planted in a spot with too little sunlight? Many of us give up and don’t try again. With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plant those seeds […]

Candace Cameron Bure Signs New Book in Mission Viejo

Candace Cameron Bure has recently been making a splash on the media circuit promoting her new children’s book “Candace Center Stage“. This is her sixth book and she mentioned at the event that this is a twenty year dream come true for her. This is not the first time I met Candace. We met during […]

Candace Cameron Bure is Dancing Through Life

Candace Cameron Bure known as DJ Tanner, was the eldest daughter of the iconic family sitcom Full House. She recently made a turning point in her career when she joined Dancing with the Stars. Bure was a contestant in Season 18 of DWTS and her professional partner was Mark Ballas.  Ballas and Bure made it to […]