Jasmin Gonzalez, The Woman Behind the New Modern Filipino Brunch resto “Breezy” in OC

As my family and friends know, I am always scouting for new spots, attractions, pop-ups, and restaurants whether they be casual or fine. I learned about Breezy on Instagram. The food on the video was so attractive and mouth-watering that I could not help but to go to their website and learn more about the […]

Get Inspiration with Inspiration Boutique and Gallery in San Juan Capistrano

You will be truly inspired with Inspiration Boutique and gallery. I found this uber cute boutique by accident in San Juan Capistrano. In front of the boutique is a charming bike adorned with silk flowers which caught my aesthetic sense. As I walked in, I thought the store looks familiar. And yes, I was right, […]

Goat Yoga at Goods and Goats Market in San Juan Capistrano

I always wanted to try Goat Yoga. I’m one of those culture seekers who always want to experience the latest craze whether it be food, restaurants, new spots, exhibits, etc. And so, when an ad showed up on my social media, it didn’t take long for me to decide to take goat yoga classes. Goods […]

A Little Tenderness at The Coach House with The English Beat

It didn’t take long for the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano to be filled that Saturday night, April 13th. The English Beat performed that night headed by Dave Wakeling.  Dave sported a black golf shirt and black pants with a clean cut look. As he entered the stage, he tested his guitar and smiled […]