Howard Jones Band performing Human Lib and Dream into Action

The talented Howard Jones live at The Coach House

There are two words for Howard Jones concert – Amazing and Awesome. He took us to an amazing journey from the early ’80s and boy, what a journey.  During the concert , he also mentioned he got his Visa on the same day he was leaving for the United States. But regardless, I was able to witness “The Howard Jones” amazing concert at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano.  What made the show special was it was the last leg of his tour. Jones has high octane energy – engaging the fans, table surfin’ and turning the concert hall into pure awesomeness with his magical keyboards.

To add to the spice, Richard Blade (Video One), also icon of the 80’s introduced Howard. That was a special treat. After more than two decades Howard Jones still rockin’.

Jones retweeted my Tweet. Thank you!

My Top 20 Favorite Images from the Howard Jones Concert at the Coach House 

  1. Richard Blade, KROQ icon DJ introduced Howard Jones at The Coach HouseRichard Blade, KROQ icon DJ introduced Howard Jones at The Coach House
  2. Jones singing in his flower skull shirt. Cool fashion!Howard Jones concert at the Coach House
  3. Number 1 fan shows her love for Howard JonesHoward Jones so kind to his fans
  4. Jones fist bumps himself!Howard Jones amazing concert
  5. Keyboarding maniac Howard JonesThe amazing Howard Jones
  6. Jones playing intensely for his fansHoward Jones
  7. Howard checks his Apple laptop for the next cool musical effect
    Howard Jones at Orange County's The Coach House
  8. Jones giving props to his genius musical techHoward Jones introducing his band
  9. Jones bows to his BFF… best “fans” foreverHoward Jones on the keyboard with one of his bands
  10. Fans showing affection for Howard JonesTwo lovely fans at Howard Jones concert
  11. Jones feels the high energy of his fans affection for his performanceHoward Jones performing his hits
  12. Ladies having fun at the concertRuchel, popbuff blogger with 2 lovely fans
  13. 25 years of Howard Jones. I love this guy!Ruchel with a souvenir book
  14. Fans cheering on for more Jones tunesHoward Jones giving beautiful music to the fans
  15. Howard Jones surrounded by raging fansTable surfin'
  16. Crowd claps enthusiastically for more!Lively fans
  17. Nice view from behind of Howard. Yeah baby.Lovin' those shoes
  18. Fans just cant get enough of Howard…they surround him againAnother table surfin'
  19. Jones just jams away on his Keytar… You just gotta love the guy.The gifted Howard Jones






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