Minnie Driver Performs at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano

Academy nominated Minnie Driver performs at The Coach House

“Mesmerized” is the word I will use to describe Minnie Driver’s voice at her concert at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano last November 26th. Considering it was the night before Thanksgiving, I thought it would be really low key and have less attendance but I was blown away by how many people wanted to see her.

Minnie Driver concert San Juan Capistrano The Coach House

So as I was perusing the list of shows at The Coach House and saw Minnie Driver’s name, my initial reaction was “Really, she sings?” As a pop culture blogger, why didn’t I know about this? Well, that is a little embarrassing considering she released her first album “Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket” in 2004 which reached the UK chart at 34 with the single of the same title.

The Oscar nominated actress played the lead role in the movie Circle of Friends in 1995 and followed by a supporting role in Grosse Point Blank in 1997. But Driver is better known as Skylar for the movie “Good Will Hunting” in 1997 where she was nominated an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Minnie Driver at The Coach House

Minnie Driver at The Coach House

Minnie Driver promotes her 3rd album "Ask Me To Dance"
Clad in a chic casual black top and geometric pants, Driver looked very confident and comfortable as she conversed with the audience. When she started to sing, my friend and I forgot that she was an actress. We were swept away. Her voice handles many different genres in a soulful manner. I chatted with some concert goers to get there impressions. One fan named Marites Calagday remarked, “I first heard Minnie Driver sing a little on Good Will Hunting and she sounded great. Then I saw her sing on “Phantom of the Opera” and realized she’s a serious singer. She’s been one of my favorite actresses who can sing so I wanted to watch her perform at the Coach House and I’m glad I did. She has such a beautiful, mesmerizing voice and I told her when I met her at that concert she’s also one of my favorite singers now as well.” I caught up with another fan after the show and asked her what she thought of the concert, “It’s always entertaining, mellow, relaxing. Fun music with any type of person.” See what Minnie Driver’s fan had to say on the video.

Oscar nominated Minnie Driver sings live

For every song she sings she always have a story behind it. One in particular is Sinatra’s staple “Fly Me to the Moon”. She mentioned it was her parents soundtrack. When her father first saw her mother, as she walked into a restaurant, and watched her come in out of the rain in London and was flustered. She made her way to the table where he was at, and “Fly Me To The Moon” was playing at that time.

One of the most striking moments of her concert is her interpretation of The Cure’s “Close To Me” and “Human” by Killers. Being an alternative fan, my reaction was how did she pull this off into a beautiful mix of pop, bluesy and a little bit country? I was mesmerized. See videos below.

After the concert, we all lined up to meet her and bought her latest cd, “Ask Me To Dance”. She was not at all standoffish but so down to earth and affable.

From not knowing that she sings  to being now converted to being Driver’s avid fan. See this accomplished singer at her concert when you get the chance. I highly recommend.

Minnie Driver signs her CD


Minnie Driver with fans from Aliso Viejo, CA

Minnie Driver and Ruchel Freibrun popbuff blogger

Minnie Driver with Marites and popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun

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