Review of Paul Reiser at the Brea Improv

Paul Reiser at The Brea ImprovPaul Reiser, star of the mega hit tv shows “Mad About You” in the ’90s and “My Two Dads” in the ’80s still has it. He recently had a sold out show at The Improv in Brea on Feb 22 and I must say he was ridiculously funny. His humor is simple. It revolves around family which is inspired by his latest book “Familyhood.”

Basically, he muses about marriage, (he’s been married for almost 22 years), his kids, tech gadgets, his friend who chooses to be single, getting old and just being a dad. It’s easy to admire the candor in Reiser’s comedy. Many of the funny things Reiser says revolve around expressions people use in everyday life on the show. When the show was done, my husband and I chatted about the marriage rants he shared. One story Reiser related was about walking on the beach with his wife. They were holding hands, listening to chirping birds, and the sound of the waves. Things were going incredibly well until all of a sudden they saw a dead goat on the beach. One thing led to another and bliss turned to War of Roses between the two of them, and the rest was incredibly comedic.

His approach appeals to Generation Y to Baby Boomers. As long as you like to laugh about everyday things in your life, Reiser is the comic for you. There is no rimshot after his jokes because he is consistently funny from beginning to end. I strongly recommend Paul Reiser’s show to countless others. I am convinced PR is still one of the funniest comedians today.

Paul Reiser at The Brea Improv

Paul Reiser at The Brea Improv

Sold out show of Paul reiser at The Brea Improv

Sold out show of Paul Reiser at The Brea Improv

Paul Reiser with popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun

Paul Reiser's poster at The Brea Imrpov



  1. Another great article! <3 him! Thanks for telling me about his show there. Wished we got to go together. Really enjoyed it. So glad to meet him, too! 🙂

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