Rick Springfield performs and signs his book Magnificent Vibration in Laguna Beach

Win Rick Springfield's autograhed Magnificent Vibration

Grammy winner Rick Springfield was in Laguna Beach Bookstore in Laguna Beach, CA on June 20th for a book signing event with his latest book, “Magnificent Vibration”. Springfield is known for his mega hits in the ’80s such as “Jessie’s Girl” , “I’ve Done Everything for You”, ”Don’t Talk to Strangers”, “Affair of the Heart” and “Love Somebody”.

Who can forget Springfield as Dr. Noah Drake in General Hospital? He also guest starred recently in Showtime’s “Californication” and guested in one of my fave comedy shows “Hot in Cleveland.”

What was it like at the Book Signing?

I’ve never seen a line so long with so many enthusiastic fans. I’ve been to a lot of book signing events, but this one was definitely the most lively. They had Springfield’s songs playing in the background and you could feel the infectious energy of the fans. Lisa Childers, Laguna Beach Books Manager said, “We are thrilled to have Rick Springfield. It’s such a pleasure that somebody this famous is coming to our town. We have a lot of celebrities come, but I haven’t seen a crowd like this, so we’re happy.” The highlight of the book signing was when Springfield performed for the audience. Laguna Beach Books is a very intimate venue and we got to be up close and personal. Check out the youtube video below. By the way, I have a special contest going on for the next week to win Magnificent Vibration autographed by Rick himself! Just go to the Springfield contest link and choose any of the five ways to enter and cross your fingers! We will announce the winner next week. See the contest rules for details. 

About the Book

Did you know Rick Springfield’s first book “Late, Late at Night: a Memoir” was named by Rolling Stone as one of “The 25 Great Rock Memoirs of All Time”. This is what got me so curious to read Rick’s latest book “Magnificent Vibration: A Novel”. The book is a fictional account of a man named Horatio Cotton AKA Bobby in a middle age crisis having conversations with God in the strangest ways thru his cell phone and text messages. From there his journey starts on the meaning of life and possibly how to save the planet. It has received positive reviews from The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Arizona Republic to name a few.. and it landed on the New York Times Bestseller’s List recently. 

Rick Springfield with his latest book Magnificent VibrationRick Springfield doing autographs

Talking to Fans Waiting in Line for Rick Springfield

A fan named Susan from Virginia who was visiting her brother in San Diego mentioned that the last time she saw him was a concert back in the ’80s, “It’s really awesome that he does small little places like this. It shows he is really down to earth. He has never changed…still the same…still hot.” (Laughs) Denny from Fullerton who describes herself a life-long fan discovered the event through Facebook. She said, “The first time I saw him was at the Greek Theatre in 1981.” So this was really exciting for her. I could not agree more , this has been exciting for me too, not only traveling down nostalgia road but to talk to Rick face to face, and see him in person was a great blogging experience for me. Shaun N. from Mission Viejo, who was going to see Springfield’s concert that day at the Back Bay Amphitheatre in Hyatt Newport Beach said, “I really look forward to seeing him. We’re gonna go to the concert, so this is really neat that he is doing this because it is so intimate.” Claudia from Huntington Beach added, “I hope I get a picture with him and have him sign my book and just be with him in person…face to face.” After chatting with the fans about the Springfield event, I was able to sneak in a few questions with Rick.

Short but Sweet Interview with Rick

Popbuff: Do you have any plans of slowing down?
RS: Tonight, yeah and take a nap
Popbuff: You’ve been in the business for so long; do you have somebody in mind that you’d like to collaborate with?
RS: Paul McCartney
Popbuff: Any upcoming projects?
RS: Yeah finishing the sequel to my book Magnificent Vibration, that should be out soonish!
Popbuff: Any words for the fans?
RS: I dig you all.

So how did the Fans React after Meeting Rick?

After the book signing, I asked a couple fans about their Springfield experience. Liz Hansche, an OC Realtor said, “I’m a huge fan of Rick Springfield. “I’ve been a fan for over 30 years. I’m a local resident of Orange County. This is my second book signing with Rick Springfield. I came to his original one. Today has just been a beautiful event in Laguna Beach, very intimate setting. Rick’s so sweet…just an outstanding performer.” One fan named Toni from Whittier who almost missed Springfield’s book signing said, “We read the atlas wrong. We parked all the way at the other end of the city. We actually hiked ….tried to catch a bus. We missed the bus and we hiked all the way on this end to meet him. I’ve seen him in concerts and he’s really patient. He is personable with people and I think he is really patient with all the crazy ladies. I went through things to get here….getting a baby sitter (laughs).”

Special thanks to Kim Jackwerth, Danielle Bauter, Lisa Childers, Amy Seto and Laguna Beach Books

Rick Springfield performing Jessie's Girl

Rick Springfield being interviwed bu blogger Ruchel Freibrun

Rick Springfield signing his book Magnificent Vibration Laguna Beach Books staff excited to meet Rick SpringfieldLaguna Beach Books staff getting ready for Rick Springfield book signing A posed with a fan Ruchel Freibrun  Rick Springfield with a fan

Laguna Beach Books

 Cute fan with Rick Springfield   Magnificent Vibaration Book Sigining Event

Long line at Rick Springfield Book Siginng Event    Rick Springfield and Amy Seto    Rick Springfield and Shaun

Rick Springfield and Liz    Rick Springfield with Danielle and Lisa    Rick Springfield and Lauri

Rick Springfield with a long time fan    Rick Springfield posing with a loyal fan    Rick Springfield fans waiting to have their book signed

Enthusiastic fans gathered around to see Rick Springfield perform     Family with Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield and Laguna Beach Books Manager   Fans with promo poster of Magnificent Vibration


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