RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad interviewed at the Hollywood Show

RJ Mitte Interview popbuffI must admit that one of the best television series I have ever watched is “Breaking Bad”. According to Wikipedia, by the end of the series, it was the most-watched cable shows on American television and in 2014 entered the Guinness World Records as the highest rated show of all time.

I didn’t even know about the show until they aired a segment of the final episode on 60 minutes. And being a social media addict, I had seen hash tags of “Breaking Bad” all over Twitter, so this finally convinced me to subscribe to AMC to watch the marathon. And that was it… During the 2013 Holiday season, my husband and I watched the marathon of one of the best series written for TV until the wee hours of 3:00 am. Yes, that was how addicting it was.

So, when I heard RJ Mitte was going to be at The Hollywood Show, it was a no brainer that I had to meet this rising star. RJ Mitte is best known as Walter “Flynn” White Jr., the son of the lead character Walter White on “Breaking Bad”. During the 2013 Media Access Awards, Mitte received the SAG-AFTRA Harold Russell Award for his portrayal of Walter White, Jr. on the series.

When I met the 21-year-old actor at The Hollywood Show, he was dressed casually in a black and gray plaid shirt. He was so personable and kind when I introduced myself to him as a pop culture blogger. When I asked if I can interview him for my blog, he replied, “Sure.”

And so, here is my Epic interview. Enjoy!

Popbuff: So RJ, what was like working with Bryan Cranston?

RJ: I love working with Bryan Cranston. Bryan is an amazing actor. What he does with his characters and the transformation of his characters are brilliant. We were really lucky in the sense to have the crew and cast that we have with the show. I love it. I was so lucky to be part of it. It is so amazing and honor to learn from such a great talent.

Popbuff: Do you have any memorable moments from the show you would like to share?

RJ: We have so many memorable moments. There were so many things happened in the course of seven years. So many amazing relationships have started and it’s an honor. My favorite memory was the pilot. I love the pilot. I still love the pilot. I’m happy with the story and how it went.

Popbuff: What is the best part about your experience with Breaking Bad?

RJ: Being part of “Breaking Bad”. That’s a reward itself I think. I’m just happy to be working. I think that’s the best thing about “Breaking Bad”. It gives us the ability to work and continue to work.

Walter Flynn White Jr Breaking Bad

Popbuff: Is there going to be a sequel?

RJ: They are doing the prequel right now. They are filming “Better Call Saul”. It will be in November. I’m not part of that but it’s gonna be really good.

They are doing the prequel right now. They are filming “Better Call Saul”. It will be in November. I’m not part of that but it’s gonna be really good.

Popbuff: Any upcoming projects?

RJ: I just shot a movie a month ago called “Who’s Driving Doug”.

Popbuff: Is this going to be with Daphne Zuniga?

RJ: Yes! I love Daphne. We have the same agents actually. She plays a fun character. She actually plays my mom. It’s gonna be good. And yeah….just keeping busy…that’s all that matters.

Popbuff: Any words for the fans?

RJ: Just thanks for watching and keep watching. Just keep on enjoying. That’s all we can hope for, right?

Ruchel Freibrun and Breaking Bad RJ MitteWhat did you think of RJ in Breaking Bad? I find him to be so lovable and kind. His genuine character really shines through in person. I can’t wait to see his next movie.

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  1. I can’t help but think of Mitte as Cranston’s actual son. They had such an incredible bond on the show.

  2. Ginger Freibrun says:

    What a great interview. This is guy is truly blessed to have worked on such a brilliant show! Thank you for sharing that with us.

  3. Thank you Ginger. He is talented but yet modest.

  4. Like you I had never heard of the show but I am intending to do the marathon…at some time. I did the same thing with LOST and loved the continuity of show immediately following show.

  5. #BreakingBad indeed!!!!! Best show ever. Thanks for the interview with RJ. It’s clear he’s a talented young actor with a lot of potential. What a great growing and learning experience for him to have been able to be on such a fantastic TV show.

  6. I would concur, this is a great interview. What a great guy and it’s no surprise that he has been blessed in such a way. Having the opportunity to work on such a show is pretty cool. 🙂 (From BHB)

  7. I was the first of my crowd to jump on the Breaking bad band wagon! I think I bullied everyone I knew to watch it! LOL Brilliant writing!!!! I miss it so much, but the ending was perfect…t just had to end that way. RJ was one of my favorite characters and this interview was great Ruchel! I wish him continued success in what I hope will be a long career. Thanks.Thanks so much for posting this.

  8. What a terrific interview Ruchel! Congratulations on it. My husband and I were addicted to Breaking Bad. Can hardly wait for Better Call Saul which hopefully, will have more humor. I still do not know how we can watch a television show like this, and have a love-hate feeling with the a character like Walt Jrs dad.

  9. michelelobosco says:

    How fun you got the opportunity to interview RJ…Breaking Bad was an incredible show. The actors are all so talented…Brian, RJ, Aaron Paul…all so amazing!


  10. Thank you for your kind word Jacqueline. Yes, like you, I am missing the show. It is so well-written that you can’t stop watching. I can’t wait for the prequel.

  11. My wife is a huge fan but unfortunately, I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Who knows? Maybe I will someday. It’s great that you got an interview though!

  12. TheRecipeHunter says:

    So my hubby and I are on the bandwagon, but we haven’t finished watching it all yet. See, we fly pretty regularly back to Texas from California, so for all those flights we entertain ourselves with shows. We started with Mad Men and watched that entire series. We were seriously urged to watch BB next and we’re go glad we did. But we’re done yet! We’re on episode seven of season four! It’s our fun luxury of flying – getting to watch 2-3 more episodes! Hopefully we can finish up soon as we have quite a bit more travel booked in the upcoming months. What a fun opportunity for you to interview RJ – he and all the others embodied their characters so well. It will be fun to see him in new avenues such as the movie he mentioned!

    • Thank you TheRecipeHunter. I’m glad you and your hubby have jumped on the bandwagon. You better hurry up and finish the whole season because the prequel is coming very soon. 🙂

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