A one on one with Nicole Eggert

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole Eggert  of Charles in Charge and Baywatch at The Hollywood Show last Oct. 5, 2013 . Dressed in yellow silk top and blue jeans still looks beautiful inside and out after just giving birth two years ago. I grew up watching her as “Jamie Powell” in Charles in Charge and as “Summer Quinn” in the TV series Baywatch. So to see and interview her in person is simply cool.


Popbuff: What do you think of The Hollywood Show?
NE: Well, this is actually my second time. I’ve only done three autograph signings in my entire life and this is my second experience with The Hollywood Show. I see a lot of familiar faces, I see a lot of the same people so I’m kinda finally thinking maybe for some people, a sort of a lifestyle or a hobby. And I think it’s really neat and it’s really fun.

Popbuff: And it’s like a reunion too, right?
NE: It kinda is.  There are so many Baywatch people. It’s like a big reunion. And it’s funny because I get nervous coming to this thing, I get a little bit of crowd panic going on. I get very scared of large crowd but when you get here, you start meeting the people and everybody is so sweet, friendly and good-hearted.

Popbuff: What can you say about your experience in Splash.
NE: I can say that I really pushed myself beyond any comfort zone ever before and I was very scared. I was having nightmares at night and waking up like in cold sweat and freakin’ out. I am very scared of heights. I was kinda very unsteady and wobbly and so for me to push myself to do that was something like “I don’t know that girl who did that.” It’s just something came out of me  – the competitiveness, the wanting to challenge myself.
Popbuff: You did great. Congratulations.
NE: Thank you

Popbuff: Have you talked to any cast of the tv show Charles in Charge?
NE: Yes! I keep in touch with …
Popbuff: Scott Baio?
NE: I kinda communicate with his wife a little bit more online than with him. Thank God for Facebook, thank God for Twitter. I also connect with Alex and Willie Aames too. And so, we get to follow each other’s lives. It is such a blessing.
Popbuff: I grew up watching your show
NE: I bet you did

Popbuff: Any memorable moment in the entertainment biz?
NE: I think I have a lot of ’em. But a day like today is probably what sticks out the most to find out the work that you were doing is affecting other people. You don’t get to interact with your audience. You only hear or read about about it. And so, to get to meet and interact with them brings a lot of different elments than on set doing something in front of the camera so I like that.

Popbuff: Do you have a dream role?
NE: Yeah, I want to be a mom on an hour dramedy with fun young kids like the ones in ABC Family. I have a teenager and I have a 2-year-old. I love kids so that’s what I would like to do.

Popbuff: Do you have any words for your fans?
NE: I just want to thank them. Thanks for putting up with me all these years, seeing all the different stages I’ve been through. And just look out for my next project.

Nicole Eggert with pop culture blogger Ruchel Freibrun

Interviewing Nicole Eggert

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My mom with Nicole Eggert


  1. I had forgot all about her. It’s great to see she is doing well!


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