Billy Idol Rocks the new House of Blues in Anaheim

Billy Idol performs at the new House of Blues
On March 13, Billy Idol rocked the new location of House of Blues in Anaheim. I was so stoked to cover his show even though I already saw his concert in the past. I was a little late so it was difficult for me to walk to the pit to photograph the event. The location was like an ant infested area. You could hardly walk through the crowded space. With my wit and perseverance, I was able to make it. I got to the pit just in time for “Flesh for Fantasy” number.

This is the second time I covered Idol’s concert, and he never failed to exude his charismatic stage presence. He easily stirred up the audience with his signature performance.

Idol played a slew of 80s classic hits  “Eyes Without a Face”, “Dancing with myself”, “Blue Highway”, “White Wedding” and of course “Rebel Yell.” The audience mostly consisted of Gen-X and some Gen-Y, male and female.  We had had such a great time singing along with this 80s living icon. Idol’s voice was still clear and powerful and he can still belt out the songs effortlessly. For a 61-year-old rocker who dominated MTV in the 80s, he is still in great shape. He was known for being a bad-boy poster child and he certainly didn’t let down the image. His bleached blonde hair, leather jacket, and his signature snarl lived up to it.
Billy Idol rocks House of Blues Anaheim

Billy Idol rocks House of Blues Anaheim

Steve Stevens who has been working with Idol since the heydays showcased his guitar prowess, which was freakily amazing.
Whatever genre you may call his music – new wave, post-punk or glam rock …it should be Billy Idol genre.
Billy Idol live in Anaheim
Living icon Billy Idol performs at the house of Blues Anaheim

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