C. Thomas Howell, Still Busy as Ever

C. Thomas HowellC. Thomas Howell, also known as CT made his film debut in the 1982 blockbuster movie E.T the Extra-Terrestrial. Later on, he was cast as the lead in Francis Ford Coppola’s movie “The Outsiders“. In 1985, he starred in the lead role of “The Secret Admirer” one of my favorite teen movies of all time. VH1 named CT as 100 Greatest Teen Stars.

Recently, he was in the movie “The Amazing Spiderman” in 2012 and the drama series “Southland” which aired on TNT from 2009- May 2013.

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview him at the recent Hollywood Show. Dressed in cardigan sweater and blue jeans, C. Thomas Howell still looks slim and svelte. He has the same physique as he had in the ’80s. He was very friendly with his fans and didn’t mind an interview from me even though the line was getting longer.

Ruchel: What is the favorite movie you did?
CT: I don’t have one. I get asked that a lot. It’s like being asked what’s your favorite child. I’ve been doing it since I was 12 years old. You know, different movies, different experience and different friendships. Over the years you put them all together and all that entire process made me who I am. I couldn’t really identify one particular project as being my favorite.

Ruchel: Have you kept in touch with any of your Outsider’s co-stars?
Popbuff: I speak to Ralph all the time, bumped into Rob Lowe occasionally, Diane Lane I see and I see Matt sometimes. And that’s really probably it.

Ruchel: Any upcoming projects?
CT:I have a movie with Burt Reynolds coming out. It’s called Category 5. I’m getting ready to start a movie, I’ve been staying busy doing a lot of stuff.

Popbuff: Would you consider a reality show?
CT: It’s not really my thing. I did one for VH1, a magic show, it’s called Celebracadabra. It was fun but I did it and that’s all I need.

C. Thomas Howell with popbuff.com blogger Ruchel Freibrun

C. Thomas Howell at The Hollywood Show

C. Thomas Howell

Ralph Macchio and C. Thomas Howell



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