Cindy Crawford Signs her New Book ‘Becoming’ at Barnes & Noble LA

 Cindy Crawford and Ruchel Freibrun at Becoming Book Signing Event at Barnes and Noble The Grove LA

On October 15, I attended the book signing event for Cindy Crawford. In the book Becoming, American icon and supermodel Cindy Crawford looks back at pivotal moments in her life and career, sharing engaging stories of her professional and personal evolution, and the lessons she learned along the way. The book is illustrated by 150 stunning and iconic images, as well as never-before-published photographs from her personal archive.

Meeting Cindy
Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, I was the ultimate fan of the ultimate supermodel, Cindy Crawford. Last October 15th at the Barnes & Noble The Grove in Los Angeles, I got to meet my fave supermodel and chatted with her for a bit.

Coming from South OC to Los Angeles, was not an easy drive. It took me three hours and 15 minutes to reach Barnes & Noble The Grove Los Angeles. Normally, it only takes an hour and a half or a couple hours to go to LA but that day was a traffic nightmare or shall I say a carmageddon. So with that mess, I missed the press part of the book signing event.

Becoming signed by Cindy Crawford

When I came in, Ms. Crawford was already doing her Q and A and I was able to take some snap shots of her. Clad in an all-black pants and black shirt with a 3/4’s white blazer, she looked stunningly beautiful. Her physique, flawless skin, thick wavy hair and her signature mole define a quintessential super model. When it was my turn to have her sign my book, I told her I was part of the press earlier and missed it because of the ridiculous traffic. I even told her I’m a pop culture blogger. And she asked, “what’s the name of your blog?” and I answered, “” So she wrote on the book “Keep on blogging!”.

Q and A at Cindy Crawford's Book Signing

Q and A at Cindy Crawford’s Book Signing

Cindy signing her book for fans

Cindy signing her book for fans

The Fans
After the Q & A, fans lined up to get her autograph. Even if it was a long line the fans could not help but feel giddy for a photo op with Cindy. The American icon was so kind to pose with every fan. That just goes to show that Cindy is so down-to-earth.

Long line at Cindy Crawford Book Signing

Long line at Cindy Crawford Book Signing

A fan named Mella Noir from Los Angeles was impressed with Cindy’s modesty. She said, “I thought it was magnificent. Not only is she beautiful but she’s gracious and elegant and I really enjoyed meeting her. It was a privilege.” Another fan in the line named Jackie Lewis, a producer who attends almost every ’80s pop culture event in LA added, “I thought it was one of the best events I ever went to and she is an amazing person and beautiful inside and out.”

My new friends who I met at Cindy Crawford book signing

My new friends who I met at Cindy Crawford book signing

A new friend of mine who I met at the event named Karina from Valencia mentioned that, “I’ve been looking up to her since I was eight years old and she fulfilled every expectation that I’ve had. Her personality is really wonderful and epitomizes why her career has lasted so long.”

The Memoir
Becoming by Cindy Crawford chronicles her early years of modeling and growing up in a small town in Illinois. If you’re an ‘80s or early ‘90s child, reading the book and looking at the photos give you a nostalgic feeling…the video of George Michael’s Freedom, MTV’s House of Style, the Vanity Fair cover of Cindy and KD Lang, The late JFK’s George magazine inaugural issue, and a lot more. These were all part of my pop culture life.

Cindy Crawford and popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun

With the sweet Cindy Crawford

I thought the book was well written, inspirational and well presented with beautifully illustrated photos. The original supermodel gives the readers incredible insights about the fashion industry. The photos are crisp and clear which also features her work with the top names in fashion photography such as Patrick Demarchelier, Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh, Herb Ritts, Irving Penn among others.

Chatting with Cindy Crawford

Chatting with Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford and Ruchel Freibrun of popbuff

Special thanks to Lennie Rohrbacher

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