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Jill Whelan with Popbuff blogger Ruchel FreibrunJill Whelan is best known for playing Vicky Stubing, the daughter of Capt. Stubing, in the hit television series “The Love Boat” from 1979-1986. She also appeared in the hit movie “Airplane” in 1980.

According to Wikipedia , after Love Boat, she found a new career in TV journalism, and worked as an investigative producer at the Los Angeles television station KCOP.

Currently, Whelan works as a co-host with Brian Phelps on KLOS Los Angeles. She replaced Mark Thompson of the Mark and Brian Show after 25 years of co-hosting. It is now called The Brian and Jill Show.

In this interview, Whelan discussed what she liked about being part of an iconic hit show in the ‘80s “The Love Boat” and her words for young actresses who want to embark in a career in show business.

Popbuff: What was the best experience working on the TV show The Love Boat?
JW: Besides working with the cast who I love so dearly, it was the travel, and then the guest stars. It’s hard to put them in order. Olivia de Havilland and Gene Kelly were amazing.

Popbuff: What about working with Aaron Spelling?
JW: He was an amazing amazing man to work for. A lovely guy.

Popbuff: Have you met his daughter Tori Spelling?
JW: Oh, yeah. I know Tori. She did one or two episodes.

Popbuff: Any upcoming projects?
JW: Yeah, I’ve been doing for the past year a podcast with my radio partner Brian Phelps from Mark and Brian. We’ve been doing that for a year and a half now. I just had a movie that was released called A Christmas Tree Miracle and I’m working on with other projects with Brian and that takes most of my time, the podcasting.

Popbuff: Would you consider a reality show?
JW: It would depend on the reality show.

Popbuff: How about Dancing with the Stars?
JW: Oh my God, in a heartbeat.

Popbuff: What advice can you give to young people who are entering the business?
JW: Never lose your sense of self because this is a business and you can never take it personally because you’re a commodity but that’s not who you are.

Popbuff: Any words for the fans?
JW: Gosh, just thank you so much for everything you have done to support us over the years. We’re really lucky our fans have been amazing.

Jill Whelan with Ruchel Freibrun

Photo of Jill Whelan sent to me in the '80s

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  1. Russ Sapienza says:

    I am absolutely convinced that this lovely young (yes,young) woman is related to Winnie the Pooh, since they’re both so lovable!

  2. and they’re both nice 🙂

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