Jammin’ with the Blues Traveler at the House of Blues

Blues Traveler at the House of Blues in Anaheim
Blues Traveler at the House of Blues in Anaheim

Blues Traveler was formed in the 80’s. They scored two big hits in the 90s titled “Run-Around” and “Hook“. With 30 years spanning their career, Blues Traveler rocked the House of Blues in Anaheim February 27. The dedicated longtime fans were wowed by the band’s extensive use of segues (Blues Traveler is popularly known for this). John Popper wearing his signature black hat notified the crowd that it was their first time in Anaheim. The lead singer, harmonicist, and guitarist showcased his intricate harmonica solo in front of roaring and screaming fans.

John Popper sings the band's classics.
John Popper sings the band’s classics.

When John Popper sang their first upbeat hit single and a Grammy award winning song “Run-Around” the crowd focused on the wailing notes and Popper’s raspy voice taking them back to memories from the ’90s. After a couple songs, the catchy and ballad song “Hook” followed.

Jam session with Blues Traveler
John Popper on center stage

Two fans I caught up after the show, Richard H. and Christina Marie (both not related). “The concert was so much fun! The house was packed and the vibe was great! Blues Traveler was incredible! John Popper is amazing on that harmonica,” said Christina Marie.

Richard from Canoga mentioned, “It was worth every minute in line and every dollar spent ….. a very giving band.”

The fans witnessed one of the best live jams of this generation. With a variety of genres – psychedelic, southern and folk rock with a blend of soul and blues, Blues Traveler is here to stay and will continue and entertain their multi-generational audience.

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