Jennie Garth’s Book Launching Event – Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde


Jennie Garth Book Signing Deep Thoughts from a Hollywood Blonde

Jennie Garth, 40, best known as Kelly Taylor in the hit teen soap Beverly Hills 90210 launched her first book, her memoir entitled “Deep Thoughts From A Hollywood Blonde” at Barnes & Noble, The Grove at Farmers Market Los Angeles on Monday, March 10. She is also known as Valerie Tyler on the sitcom “What I Like About You.

Growing up, 90210 was one of my favorite teen shows. I have always admired Kelly Taylor’s wardrobes, her nice blond tresses and her acting as the spoiled teen vixen. In my opinion, I always think she is the de facto central icon of 90210.

As a sucker for romantic movies, I also vividly remember watching her in Danielle Steel’s TV movie “Star” in the early ’90s, one of her first TV movies. I thought she gave an excellent performance as the lead character.

Jennie Garth with Ruchel Freibrun popbuff blogger

Donning a turquoise dress with a slim brown leather belt and open toe brown sandals that matched her belt looked simply beautiful when she arrived at Barnes & Noble – The Grove in LA. A bevy of press and photographers including yours truly had the opportunity to photograph her. I was also able to squeeze some questions in to Miss Garth. One of her pretty daughters was also there to support her. Many fans were present from the millennial generation to Generation X. Jennie was very nice and approachable. She even put babies on her lap for a photo op.

Tom Verhaeger, one of Garth’s fans from Netherlands who is currently studying acting in LA said he was not even born when 90210 was launched. I was impressed with how much he knew about the show. When I arrived he was the first one in line and quite excited to meet his inspiration. He said, “She is my inspiration to become an actor. I admire her acting and preparation. She is the best. She learns her lines, gets into character and just does it.” Another fan named Beth Spivey from Illinois visiting LA with her mom describes why she likes Garth, “She is so real and you feel you’re in her life. Knowing that she grew up where I grew up in Urbana, Illinois makes me proud.” A fan named Mary Bee, a singer, described Garth as being her role model. “I really like that in real life, she made a point of being a good role model. She did a lot of really cool stuff even she was 20 years old. A lot of 20-year old stars are like ‘I’m gonna go party!’ She’s like why don’t we do a workout video that encourages good body image and that’s what I like about her.”

So after photographing and interviewing some of Garth’s fans, it was time for me to squeeze in some questions. Since this is her first book and her memoir, I asked her what she likes about this book signing event and she replied, “I love meeting the fans and hearing all the love and support is great.” When I asked her who or what was her inspiration in writing her memoir she said, “I would say any woman who has written a memoir is my inspiration because it’s very difficult to open yourself up like that.” She also added with all smiles that she is grateful to all her fans who have been there all these years.

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Jennie Garth Book Signing Event - March 10, 2014

Jennie Garth Fans

Jennie Garth Deep Thoughts of a Hollywood blonde

Jennie Garth Book Launching Deep Thoughts of a Hollywood Blonde

Jennie Garth first memoir

Jennie Garth at her book signing in LA

Jennie Garth Book Signing Event

Jennie Garth chatting with a fan from Netherlands

Jennie Garth with a fan from Netherlands

Jennie Garths book signing event

A big hug from a big fan of Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth with an out of town fan

Jennie Garth book signing event at Barnes and Noble in LA

Jennie Garth with a fan

Ruchel Freibrun interviewing Jennie Garth

Ruchel Freibrun interviewing Jennie Garth of Beverly Hills 90210

Jennie Garth with blogger Ruchel Freibrun



  1. I’ve been a fan of hers since her Brady type tv movie way back in the day. I was a faithful watcher of “90210” and I even watched the first couple seasons of “What I Like About You”. I’m happy that she’s just as nice as I thought she would be. Great article.


  2. Loved all the photos. Looks like a great read!

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