Kim Richards, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards, a former child actress was one of the two original child stars in the ’70s Witch Mountain movies: “Escape to Witch Mountain” and “Return from Witch Mountain”. She also appeared in the 2009 remake “Race to Witch Mountain” that starred The Rock, Dwayne Johnson.


During the ’70s, she appeared as a guest in a string of hit American television shows including “Little House on the Prairie”, “Chips”, “Diff’rent Strokes”, “The Love Boat”, “Fantasy Island”, to name a few. But one that stands out for me is her ’80s teen flick, “Tuff Turf” with James Spader, also starring Robert Downey Jr., about a high school showdown during that era. I was in high school sophomore when I saw the movie, and instantly loved it, not to mention the ’80s fashion she wore in the movie. Currently, Kim Richards and sister Kyle Richards star in the hit Bravo reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Kim is the half-sister of Kathy Hilton. Nicky and Paris Hilton are her nieces.I had the pleasure of interviewing her at “The Hollywood Show”, where they were also shooting a segment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Richards, dressed in a body hugging white shirt and an orange blazer with big hoop earrings looked amazingly slim.

Before my short interview, she was signing autographs and having photo ops with her fans. Kim is a really sweet and friendly lady.

I was lucky enough to have a short interview with her in spite of all the chaos happening around.

Popbuff: What is your favorite part of being one of the casts of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
KR: I like it all. Today’s it’s all good for me, honestly. Getting to work with my sister, getting to work at home and I get to work with my kids, my family.

Popbuff: What is the favorite film you did?
KR: Escape to Witch Mountain

Popbuff: Do you have a dream role?
KR: I dream about working again one day. I do think about what it would be like having a character that I am portrayed. I would like to do a movie about a character that has real life story. I would like to do a real life story. I would like to have a little bit of everything – dramatics, comedies some real life stuff.

Popbuff: Do you still keep in touch with James Spader?
KR: I do not. (chuckles)

Popbuff: Any words for your fans?
KR: I love them. They’ve truly been an inspiration to me and they have helped me get through a lot.

Kim Richards signs autographs

Kim Richards at The Hollywood Show

Kim Richards and Ruchel Freibrun

Kim Richards with popbuff blogger

Kim Richards with Ruchel Freibrun

Kim Richards with pop culture blogger Ruchel Freibrun

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