Meeting Fonzie, Potsie and Ralph of the Sitcom “Happy Days”

Happy Days Show Cast
From left: Don Most, Blogger Ruchel Freibrun, Henry Winkler, Anson Williams -

I started to watch Happy Days in my wonder years. I was so young between 10-11 years old and was going to La Merced School in Montebello, CA. I remember vividly during the early ’80s watching the sitcom faithfully at night and wished I could go to the studio and be part of the live audience but I was so young then. I had crushes on most of the young cast – Fonzie (Henry Winkler) for being Mr. Cool, Richie for the quintessential All-American (Ron Howard), Potsie (Anson Williams) for being handsome, gullible and a singer, Ralph (Don Most) for being a practical joker, and Chachi (Scott Baio) for being a teen heartthrob. And the theme song ….. yes I can still sing it with the lyrics!

What a trip going down memory lane. I’ve seen Don Most and Henry Winkler in the past, but never had a chance to see Anson Williams. After 40 years, I get to meet them in person, the three of them together. What a treat!

From left: Don Most, Ruchel Freibrun, Henry Winkler and Anson Williams

I also had the opportunity to have a little chat with “The Fonze” dressed in pastel colors plaid jacket and green pants.

Popbuff: Your thoughts of meeting the fans at the Hollywood Show?
Henry: I love meeting my fans because without them I would not be on television.

Popbuff: What have you learned being in the biz for almost 50 years?
Henry: Humility is the beginning of life.

Popbuff: What’s your most memorable experience in showbiz?
Henry: I don’t have answer to that because I love it all.

Popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun with  "Fonzie" Henry Winkler Feb 2023 -
With Henry Winkler

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