Michael Bolton releases new book, The Soul of It All: My Music, My Life

Growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s I could not help but listen to soft rock ballads of Michael Bolton on my little cassette.  In between breaks, when studying for my finals, I’d go to my casette player and play Time, Love and Tenderness and Love is a Wonderful Thing.  Michael Bolton,  the recipient of both American Music Awards and Grammy Awards is also known for his strained vocal style. One of my favorite Bolton songs is When a Man Loves a Woman. It was originally recorded by Percy Sledge in 1966 and later resurrected by Michael Bolton with his own version that also reached number one on the US Pop charts in 1991.

Fast forward twenty years later ,I was able to meet and chat with Bolton in person during his book signing at Barnes & Noble The Grove in Los Angeles.  Boy, does he look good, in fact, he looks better than 20 years ago. The Soul of It All: My Music, My Life is his new book. It is described as a backstage pass into his music life and career – the joys, follies and pains. While I was in line, I was chatting with these two beautiful young siblings (about the age of 18 and 20)  named Emmy and Julia who came from Sweden. They were touring southern California and managed to stop by to meet Michael Bolton. Their mom  played Michael Bolton songs every Friday night  in Sweden  for 20 years and that’s how they became fans of the singer/composer. Emmy and Julia will be surprising their mom with the Bolton book and photo when they get back home.

When it was my turn to have my book signed, I told MB that he is really popular in the Philippines (where I’m from) and he enthusiastically said, “I had concerts in Manila twice.”

Bolton is currently touring, click here for more info.

Young fans Julia, Emmy and blogger Ruchel

Michael Bolton Book Signing

Young  fans from Sweden

Michael Bolton Book Signing event at Barnes & Noble The Grove

Michael Bolton's Book Promo

Michael Bolton with blogger Ruchel Freibrun

Michael Bolton signs his new book, The Soul of it All: My Music, My Life

Michael Bolton at Barnes & Noble The Grove Los Angeles

Emmy and Julia having an awesome time with the balladeer

Michael Bolton promoting his new book at Barnes & Noble The Grove Los Angeles

Ruchel, popbuff blogger with '90s pop icon Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton at Barnes & Noble The Grove LA

Young fans Julia and Emmy with Michael Bolton


  1. Emmy & Julia says:

    Hi, Emmy and Julia here!
    This was so fun to read!! And the pictures are great! We appreciate it very much. We will save this and show our mum when we come home 🙂 It was so nice to meet you! 🙂
    Hope everything is fine with you! Take care!

  2. Hi, Emmy and Julia. Thanks for the reply. That was a great surprise. Be sure to subscribe so you can show your mom the celebs of the ’80s and ’90s I’m going to feature next.


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