Michelle Branch Performs at House of Blues Anaheim

Michelle Branch performs at House of Blues Anaheim

Michelle Branch who brought us hits such as “Everywhere“, “All You Wanted“, and “The Game of Love” in early 2000’s is back on the road with The Hopeless Romantic Tour. I could not be more excited to see her live last July 23 at the House of Blues in Anaheim. When I told a friend that I am going to see Branch in Anaheim, my friend’s immediate reaction was, “Oh she is touring?” Branch faded from mainstream attention for nearly 14 years after the release of her popular albums “The Spirit Rooms” and “Hotel Paper.”

Michelle Branch sang her hits at House of Blues Anaheim

It was a trip down memory lane when fans saw her at the new location of House of Blues of Anaheim. I have never seen Branch perform live and I was impressed how effortlessly she strummed the guitar. Her voice was stronger than ever and even sultry. In between songs, she told a story about how she started her interest with playing the guitar when her uncle gave her a guitar as a gift. She also mentioned how she had a dream of performing with no one around. It has been over a decade that she has not performed or released a record. Despite her hiatus, there were a lot of her millennial fans who used to watch her on Total Request Live. They grew up with her music and now mature, they relate more with her second album.

With over a decade of absence, Branch has not lost her mojo with the fans. And with her new album and a new sound…she’s ready for the world again.

Michelle Branch live on stage

Michelle Branch in Anaheim

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