Nadia Mejia, Model/Pageant Queen on her way to 2016 Miss USA

Nadia Mejia Miss California 2016

Watch out world, Nadia Mejia is here. Nadia who has been modeling for major brands like Wet Seal, Styles for Less and recently crowned as Miss California is heading to 2016 Miss USA pageant. The LA based model is the daughter of pop star Gerardo Mejia, popularly known as Rico Suave in the ’80s and pageant queen/model Kathy Mejia.  In 2014, Nadia did a reality show with her family called “Suave Says” on VH1 that starred her whole family.

With this Q and A, Nadia talks about her modeling life, working with her family on a reality show and winning Ms. California.

Popbuff: What age did you start modeling?
Nadia: I was scouted at the US open in Huntington Beach when I was 17 years old & that’s where it all began.

Popbuff: Your mom used to be a pageant model. How much did she influence you in modeling or were you always interested in modeling?
Nadia: My mom was a former Miss West Virginia USA & full time model throughout her ’20s in Miami. She definitely got me into pageantry, but I never thought about being a model. I wanted to go to culinary school and open my own restaurant (which is still a dream) but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when it was offered and 3 years later, it’s my full time career and my dream job. I love what I do and am extremely blessed.

Popbuff: What is fun and rewarding about modeling? And what do you dislike?
Nadia: Let’s get the bad parts over with. Rejection is definitely a negative part. And if you’re not with the right team behind you, they can tear you down and make you feel like you are never going to be good enough. Thankfully, my booker Jules at Newmark Models is a saint and believes in me and instills confidence in me every day. The fun and rewarding part has been to work with some of my favorite brands, make wonderful connections, and travel the world.

Nadia Mejia photo by Lauren Alexandra

Nadia Mejia photo by Lauren Alexandra

Popbuff: You have been modeling for various major brands like Wet Seal, Styles for Less, Asos, etc. Do you have any memorable experience?
Nadia: I try to make every experience memorable. One of my favorite though is traveling to Europe to shoot for Asos, which is one of my favorite clothing stores.  I was able to explore London and made memories I’ll never forget.

Popbuff: What is your fashion mantra?
Nadia: Love the skin that you’re in.

Popbuff: In the fashion world, who do you look up to and why?
Nadia: Chrissy Teagan is my inspiration. She’s sexy, hilarious, stylish, the ultimate foodie, and doesn’t give a care in the world what you think of her because she’s confident in who she is.

Popbuff: How would you describe your style?
Nadia: All black everything.

Model Nadia Mejia photo by Lauren Alexandra

Model Nadia Mejia photo by Lauren Alexandra

Popbuff: In your opinion, what makes a person stylish?
Nadia: You can wear a trash bag for all I care, but if you’re confident in it, you win a style award in my book.

Popbuff: You did reality TV earlier this year, “Suave Says”. How was it working with your family? Would you do another reality show?
Nadia: Working with my family was a dream. It brought us even closer and was an experience I’ll never forget. But I wouldn’t ever do another reality tv show. It’s very time consuming and I am so driven with my goals in life that I don’t need distracted!

Popbuff: Congratulations on being crowned Ms. California recently. You are now going to Miss USA. Describe your feeling when you won Ms. California:
Nadia: MY HEART DROPPED AND THE JOY I FELT WAS UNLIKE ANYTHING I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED. This was my 5th time competing and knowing that all of my perseverance and dedication paid off was extremely rewarding. The fact that I’m going to Miss USA still hasn’t settled in. I’m living the dream.

Nadia Mejia crowned as Ms. California

Nadia Mejia crowned as Ms. California

Popbuff: What other projects that are in the works:
Nadia: I’m about to release my first episode of my cooking vlog, called “Naturally Nadia” where I share nutritious recipes that will leave you feeling full and fabulous.

Popbuff: What are your goals?
Nadia: I have 10,000 dreams, goals, and aspirations, but at the end of the day, my main goal is to please my Heavenly Father & be a light for him in all that I do.

Popbuff: What advice can you give for other aspiring models?
Nadia: Do not let anyone’s opinion of you define your self worth. Your self worth and confidence comes from within, from God, and your loved ones.

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  1. Yunis Javaid says:

    Very heartening to see you crowned as Miss California. Wish and pray for you to become Miss USA and thereafter Miss World. I shall keep on following you. Please keep me posted. Thanks.

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