A Trip to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Hollywood

The family and I decided to go to Hollywood one Saturday to redeem the free tickets I won to Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood. Frankly dear, going to Hollywood from south OC is a challenge. Put together the traffic and three doppelganger ages of 3, 6 and 9 for 1 1/2 hours. Imagine hearing, “where we going,” “are we there yet?” “how many hours more.” It is like hearing a repeating broken record when it encounters a scratch (if you’re an 80’s kid, you know what I’m talking about).

As we entered Hollywood Boulevard, we looked up at the beautiful architecture from Hollywood’s golden era. Our kids noticed terracotta on the buildings.

The El Capitan TheatreHollywood Masonic Temple where Jimmy Kimmel Live is taped

As we turned onto Hollywood and Highland, we witnessed celebrity impersonators like Michael Jackson and Iron Man posing with tourists in their costumes. I’ve been an Angeleno back in my single days. But when I got married, I became a transplant of Orange County. So the kids don’t usually go to Los Angeles unless there are special family events.

Bumble Bee at Hollywood and Highland

So going back to my fam, we located the museum’s parking structure. As we got out of the van, there were gazillions of tourists and it was a scorcher.The boys didn’t mind. They were entertained by the impersonators including Bumblebee. So, just to give you a tip, have cash in hand in order to take photos with them.

Movieland Wax Museum vs. Madam Tussaud’s

I have never been to Madam Tussaud’s Hollywood Wax Museum but I’ve been to one of the original wax museum in Buena Park when I was a kid.
I love the concept of the Madame Tussaud’s museum where tourists can pose with their favorite pop figures. On my visit to Buena Park’s Movieland Wax Museum in 1979 (see photo), you couldn’t even touch the wax figures and you could only take photos standing in front of the velvet rope that serves as a barricade.

Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park circa 1979 with my mom

Movieland Wax Museum with my mom circa 1979

Things have certainly changed. At Madam Tussaud’s, it is more interactive with awesome lighting effects and booming music. We took pictures with Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest, Star Trek captains and of course the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Overall, the experience was good. It was worth it and my fam had a ball.

My son pretending to be one of the contestants of American Idol being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest

with the King of Pop
The Boys with Lady Gaga's wax

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