LA LA LAND, One of the Best Movies in Decade

I don’t usually do movie reviews but this movie LA LA LAND had all the ingredients that stir my emotions. I sure love musicals and a lot of my favorite musicals were in the 80s like Annie starring Aileen Quinn, Flashdance with Jennifer Beals, Fame with Irene Cara, Xanadu with Olivia Newton John and Gene […]

My Tribute to George Michael

As a lot of my close friends know, I am an avid 80s fan. I’m a Gen-Xer who gets stoked when I hear about comeback concerts from 80s and 90s artists. In fact, my blog is mainly about the 80s. I am writing this as I am devastated about the news that George Michael passed […]

La Costa Film Festival 2016 Honors Chris Noth

On October 14, 2016 the first La Costa Film Festival Star Award was presented to the talented Chris Noth. The event was held at the La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, dubbed as one of the top resorts in Southern California by Conde Nast Traveler. The award was presented by Dave Karger, an E! […]

Recycled Materials Meet Fashion

Every year I make it a tradition to attend one of the most popular events at Festival of the Arts – Pageant of the Masters,  The Festival Runway Fashion Show. This innovative event was held on August 13 where artists compete to use reclaimed, reused or recycled materials to create the most inspired couture.  The Festival […]

Art for a Cause

On August 20, I attended the 2nd annual art fundraiser Waste-Less. The fundraising and art event was presented by Surfrider Newport Beach and hosted by Volcom in the indoor skate park at their world headquarters in Costa Mesa. The art/fundraising event was open to the public with a suggested donation at the door. It was […]

First Hello Kitty Cafe in the US Opens in Irvine

July 15 was the grand opening of Hello Kitty Cafe pop up in Irvine Spectrum. Culture seekers were in line for two hours to get a taste of the first Hello Kitty Cafe in the US. The cafe serves pastries and bite-sized cakes with Hello Kitty’s signature red bow. It also serves drinks such as […]

Wyland, Marine Life Artist celebrates 60th Birthday

If you’re a connoisseur of the arts and marine life, then it’s no brainer you know this prominent artist Robert Wyland… more famous known as just “Wyland“. Wyland celebrated his 60th birthday at Wyland Laguna Beach Galleries on July 10 where he gave a tour of his new fine arts and explained some of the […]

OUE Skyspace Los Angeles New Attraction

OUE Skyspace LA has arrived. With all the media/social media buzz and press releases it’s finally here. Skyslide adds another LA attraction aside from amusement parks which LA is known for. When I was a kid, I visited New York’s Empire State Building observation deck. I was always curious why Los Angeles didn’t have one. […]

AOL Co-Founder Steve Case Talks About his New Book The Third Wave

It was 1998. The internet dot com industry was in high gear. Almost every phrase had a dot com at the end. In fact, it was a pop culture craze similar to what we see with hashtags today. My generation, Gen X-ers are all psyched to join a startup company, hoping it would go public. […]

Cameron Diaz Talks about the Science of Aging

Like many women my age, “aging/age” is the conversation we don’t want to broach. We are bombarded with messages on billboards, magazine ads claiming to rid us  of wrinkles, crows-feet, and double chin just to look younger. There is nothing wrong with that. If you have the dough and there’s a temporary solution then I […]