Retro Friday: ’80s Pop Culture Scoops

My weekly look at ’80s pop culture is now a Friday tradition on PopBuff. I did a deeeep web cavity search and turned up ten of my favorites around the net. My favorite on the list- King of ’80s fashion. 


David Infante over at the Thrillist takes us through the beer industry in the ’80s. I have to admit, I didn’t know much about beer until I started my college life. This history reminds me of those days.

tmg-slideshow_xlI was a green UCLA freshman in 1988 and my Triangle fraternity brothers were talking shop about their favorite beers. Arguing ensued over which one was the best. St. Pauli Girl, Anchor Steam, or Pete’s Wicked Ale? You know… I don’t even remember who won the argument. All I remember was there was a beer keg with a tap on it.

#2 Lost Andy Warhol artworks discovered on Amiga floppies from the ’80s

I remember the Amiga very well. I remember people used it a lot for MIDI music work. I had no idea that Andy Warhol used an Amiga 1000 to experiment with his art. Thanks to Jon Turi for sharing this on engadget. You can learn more about Warhol’s art over at Carnegie Museum of Art.


#3 See Molly Ringwald’s Adorable Daughter Strike A Sixteen Candles Pose

Molly Ringwald shares a picture on Twitter of her daughter imitating her mom  in sixteen candles. Cute! Found this over at

Did you know Molly Ringwald is a author? If you haven’t see the post on PopBuff check it out!

Molly Ringwald Presented Her First Fiction Book “When It Happens To You” at Live Talks LA

#4 The ’80s Video Games That Built Castles From Words-And Changed my Life

Remember Sierra online which then became Sierra Entertainment? I loved playing the hi-res adventures in the ’80s. Well Activision is bringing back the Sierra name and reintroducing one of their most successful titles called Kings Quest. Laura Hudson shares the news on Wired magazine.


#5 If You Were A Kid In The 80s, You HAD To Have These 20 Toys. #13 Looks A Bit Creepy Now.

I had #6 Glow Worm, #7 See and Say Farmer Says, and #8 Gumby. I don’t know whats so creepy about #13. Anyone, care to comment?


#6 How an 80s Book for Kids Predicted Today’s Spy Satellites and Cyberwars 

Pretty spooky how close predictions from 1981 book Future War and Weapons by Neil Ardley turned out to be! Found this on Paleo Future on Gizmodo. Thanks to Matt Novak.


#7 Poll Shows Only Police Americans Trust Is Rock Band From 80s

Ever heard of Free Wood Post? When I first checked out this post, I really took it seriously and thought to myself the general public has really sunk to a new low with poll results like these.


I browsed around the site a bit and realized it is total satire. It pretty much hit me when I read another headline …..

Jackson Family to Restore Neverland Ranch for Underprivileged Young Children — Mostly Boys

 #8 Site Pays Homage to Geeky ’80s Laser School Portraits

Over at PopSugar, I discovered a throwback to the laser school portrait trend that so many of us had. Remember these? There is even a website that will show you how to add this to a portrait if you want to.



#9 The King of ’80s Fashion 

Mark DeMayo wrote about his life in the ’80s and explained in painful detail all of the accoutrements of the ’80s ideal male. I love this picture. Go read more about Mark’s ’80s glory and give a couple shouts outs to the legend. By the way, I never heard of a Benzi Box. Learn something new everyday!


#10 Back to the 80s: Interview with Britt Leach from Weird Science, The Great Outdoors & more – Kickin’ it Old School

I love this interview with Britt Leach. This is a deep dive into his roles on the film and experiences with John Hughes, Kelly LeBrock, Anthony Michael Hall and more.  The interview is from Kickin’ it Old School – 80s on I couldn’t figure out who runs the blog but he has an incredible amount of quality 80s articles, lists, and interviews on there. I plan to visit the blog more in the future. 

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