Superstar tennis player Maria Sharapova launches book in Los Angeles

Maria Sharapova signs her book at Barnes and Noble The Grove

On September 15, I had the opportunity to meet tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. The professional tennis player and five-time Grand Slam winner launched her book entitled Unstoppable: My Life So Far at the Barnes and Noble The Grove in Los Angeles. Rockin’ a blue long sleeve pin-striped shirt and light brown baggy pants, she looked stunning.

Even if you don’t follow tennis, you might remember the headlines in the sports section of newspapers and TV news – a 17-year-old kid defeated top dog Serena Williams at the 2004 Wimbledon finals which was her first Grand Slam.

The star tennis champ has also been the number one player in the world, spokeswoman and model for luxury products and arguably one the highest paid female athletes.

Maria Sharapova launches book in Los Angeles

When I arrived to the book signing, I saw a lot of avid Russian fans speaking their language and stoked to see their very own Russian star. I was excited to be in the line with other Russians because my husband’s step mom is a wonderful and sweet Russian lady. I found much in common with them. Of course, while you’re waiting in line you get to talk to the person in front of you and behind you. I asked a nice mom by the name of Natasha who lives in Northridge about her meeting with Sharapova. She related, “My daughter asked me to come here and get the signature from her favorite tennis player.”

Superstar tennis player Maria Sharapova

Zaure, from Kazakhstan, found out about the event from a tennis fan friend. He said. “I’m really happy meeting her because I’m a big tennis fan so it was my dream to meet her. She is so beautiful and nice in person. I’m happy.”

Unstoppable: My Life So Far talks about Sharapova’s life from rags to riches. As Sharapova mentioned in her memoir, “If you had to pick one event that made me a player, it’d be Chernobyl.” Her mother was pregnant with her when the Chernobyl reactor blew up, only 30 kilometers away. Her father Yuri who was fascinated with tennis (the sport was unknown in Russia at that time) quit his job, left the country and brought 7-year-old Maria to Florida with only $700 in his pocket.

Maria Sharapova poses for a fan

The book does not only tells the life story of Sharapova, but how this little girl from Russia achieved her ultimate goals with courage, focus, and sacrifices. Unstoppable is easy to read. I even recommended to my 12-year-old son to inspire him.

Number one tennis player Maria Sharapova

popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun with Maria Sharapova

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