The Go Go’s Farewell Tour

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When I heard the Go Go’s were going to rock in Orange County at the Segerstrom Center of the Arts, I didn’t waste any time and bought the ticket right away. In fact, I bought the VIP ticket. I was like… if it’s true that this is their Farewell Tour then I gotta have a photo op with them. And sure enough, with other fans, we were brought to an exclusive hall way to see and pose with the iconic 80’s all girl band. It was surreal to sit beside Belinda Carlisle and the rest of the group.
I’ve seen the Go Go’s a lot of times but this was the highlight of my 80’s obsession. After the photo op, I went straight to my seat and naturally, it was fun to see ladies my age on their 80’s get up.
Audience dancing at the concert

Audience dancing at the concert


Fans rockin' on 80s outfit

Fans rockin’ on 80s outfit

The group opened with “Vacation” and in between they performed their punk rock tunes. But it’s always a tradition for them to invite audience to join them when they sing “Cool Jerk”. I just wished I was in the pit to dance on stage. Sandi, a superfan of The Go Go’s who has been to almost every Go Go’s concert was invited to dance on stage. She remarked, “I had a ball at the concert and got to dance on stage! It was definitely a dream come true!” She added “I’ve seen them live too many times to count, I was there when they got their star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, when they got inducted into the Hollywood Bowl hall of fame and at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. I am sad to see them go, but so grateful for all the memories!”
  1. Vacation
  2. How Much More
  3. Tonight
  4. This Town
  5. Mad About You
  6. Insincere
  7. Screaming
  8. Fun with Ropes
  9. Good Girl
  10. Fading Fast
  11. Cool Places
  12. Cool Jerk
  13. Skidmarks
  14. La La Land
  15. Lips
  16. Beat
  17. Get Up and Go
  18. Head Over Heels
Sandi (on the right) who has been-to almost every Go Go's concert

Sandi (on the right) who has been to almost every Go Go’s concert

It was indeed a memorable event for everybody. When you watch them, it just transports you to the golden rock age of the 80’s when life was simple and fun and music ruled my life.
Me on the Go Go's VIP list

Me on the Go Go’s VIP list

Go Go's oncert at Segerstrom

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