The Pepper Thai Cookbook by Pepper Teigen Book Signing

Pepper Teigen with Ruchel Freibrun at The Pepper Thai Cookbook in LA
Pepper Teigen launches cookbook The Pepper Thai Cookbook in Platform LA

I love Thai dishes, who doesn’t? Being Filipino American, I found Thai dishes have a lot of similarities to Filipino food. For example, they use fish sauce to add flavor to most of the dishes. Like in Thailand, their Satay is the Filipino style barbecue only bigger in size. Thai fried fish is served mostly with heads which is the same with Philippine food. Another similarity? Thai’s Tom Yum Goong is the equivalent of Philippine Sinigang sour soup.

Pepper Teigen with popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun

I learned of Pepper Teigen in the Bloggers who Brunch newsletter. I found out she is launching her own cookbook. It was a no brainer to check it out. I don’t cook much but I love to eat Thai food and love going to celeb book signings. I was so stoked to attend the event as this was my first celeb event after the pandemic. The event was held on May 7 at the Platform LA in Culver City. NOODS x Pepper Thai MILF (Mother I’d Like to Feed) in collaboration with An’s Famous Garlic Noodles (Anqi and Crustacean) and signature recipes from The Pepper Thai Cookbook.

Pepper Thai Cookbook
Pepper Thai signs her book in Culver City
Pepper Thai signs her book in Culver City

The launching event was very organized. As I arrived at the Platform park, I noticed Pepper’s books on display for purchasing. After registering, security directed me to the table. I was greeted by Thai dancers showcasing the cultural Thai dance in their native costume with contemporary music played by the DJ. And there was Pepper with her megawatt smile, ready for a photo-op with the attendees. Pepper was personable, vibrant and down to earth. Once you meet her you feel you’ve known her forever. I had a chance to ask her a couple questions.

Ruchel: What made you decide to publish a cookbook?
Pepper: Chrissy pushed me (chuckles) and she loves my food and she wanted to have it written down. I finally did it and I’m so happy I did it.
Ruchel: What was that memorable moment putting this together?
Pepper: I almost burned the house down when we tried to cook sausage.

Cultural dancers at the book launching of Pepper Thai with popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun
Cultural dancers at the book launching of Pepper Thai
Pepper Thai launches cookbook in Los Angeles

After having a chat and photo with her, I went to pick up my food. I was blown away by how the food was presented from Noods: fresh, tasty and excellent packaging. Prior to the event, when you register you get to pick the food you want (BYOB – build your own box). I had the following:

  • Original Noods (An’s famous garlic noodles)
  • Larb Sliders
  • Luna’s Beef with Broccoli
  • Hot Basil Eggplant w/ Impossible Meat
  • Green Papaya Salad
  • Mango Sticky Rice
Box meal from Noods
Box meal from Noods
Popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun enjoying Noods' gardlic noodles
Enjoying Noods’ gardlic noodles

As a bonus, I met An herself (Founder of Crustacean, Anqi and now Noods).

Popbuff blogger with Chef Helene An Owner of Crutacean and Anqi
Popbuff blogger with Chef Helene An Owner of Crutacean and Anqi

It was a delightful experience in an alfresco setting, the weather was great and the food was delish. As they say, “save the best for last”, I got to meet the A list couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend who gave their support to Pepper’s book launch. They were so friendly with the attendees.

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen and Popbuff blogger Ruchel Freibrun at the book launching of The Pepper Thahi cookbook
Special guest Chrissy Teigen
John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and Ruchel Freibrun at Pepper Thai book launching
With John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and me
The crowd
A lister Chrissy Teigen with blogger Ruchel Freibrun

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