The Third La Costa Film Festival a Smashing Success

Opening Night at Third La Costa Film Festival

Opening Night at The Third La Costa Film Festival

Last September 10th was the opening night of the Third La Costa Film Festival held at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa. It was my first time to attend/volunteer and blog about the fest. I could not be more thrilled to be there. That night was indeed a success. A fantastic night surrounded by beautiful people and lovely music. The festival opened with the “Sip and Savor” Gala on the Valley Promenade. It featured more than 25 of the area’s finest restaurants, wineries and breweries showcasing the art of presenting drinks and food.

Volunteer headquarters

Volunteer headquarters

La Costa Film Festival 2015

Sip and Savor

I was at the photo booth helping out attendees to have their souvenir photo taken. Despite the hot and humid weather, you can see the guest were having a fabulous time on the photo booth and on the terrace.

I was able to interview four lovely ladies about the festival (see video below).

Beautiful people at the La Costa Film Festival

Ladies Night Out

Ladies Night Out

As the evening approached, attendees were escorted to the Omni’s Center Court outdoor 30×17 screen for viewing the Opening Night feature dramedy film “All in Time”. The feature film starred Lynn Cohen (Magda in the HBO series Sex and the City); Sean Modica (Keane); Laura Shay, and Pritesh Shah (Compromise).

All in Time Feature Film at the Opening Night at LCFF

“All in Time” Featured Film at the Opening Night at LCFF

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