Tori Spelling Talks about 90210 Reboot and being an Entrepreneur

With the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot, Tori Spelling is doing the media rounds to promote the iconic teen show from the 90’s. Tori was also the keynote speaker at the Ultimate Women’s Expo in Orange County last Sunday, May 5th at the Anaheim Convention Center. Although feeling a bit under the weather, Tori was a trooper. She gave an inspiring speech to empower attendees about having or starting their own business. Sitting beside her was her eldest daughter 10-year-old Stella, who is an entrepreneur herself ….. she makes and sells slime. Stella continued the theme to empower girls everywhere to start their own business.

Tori with eldest daughter Stella McDermott also an entrepreneur.

About 90210 Reboot

Tori’s best friend is Jennie Garth. Garth played Kelly in the original 90210 and they have been friends for 30 years. Both of them created the reboot with their writing partners. Tori mentioned, “You get to see a heightened version of all of us …. back at their characters. It’s the ultimate high school reunion. We’re together every week.” The air date is August 7 and it’s every Wednesday night on Fox where the show started.

A Mompreneur
Tori has a beauty business online called Team Tori. But did you know that Ian Ziering who played Steve on the show got her to do the beauty business? “Team Tori that’s my beauty business and I do it with my partner Ian Ziering. A boy got me into the beauty world. Totally backwards but it works. He loves the skin care. I love the make-up so we’re perfect partners. I love doing that too cause that’s another way of connecting with people. I think sometimes with motherhood ….. it can get a little isolating. So for me being able to do business, I can connect with other women and with other like minded women really helps me…it empowers me and it inspires me.

“I love being a mompreneur. I get to get out there and be a mom boss ….. kinda take charge.”

I love being a mompreneur. I get to get out there and be a mom boss ….. kinda take charge and not wait for someone else to come to you. My favorite part about it is that I get to create, I get to go out there and decide my hours. I don’t wait to have a boss and tell me what I can and can’t do or when I can’t see my kids. I get to do my business around my kids which I really love and show them what it’s like to be a business owner ….. starting with a small business and start to grow. And that’s really important to me.”

A Passion for Fashion and Beauty
“I love beauty. I love fashion. If you have passion for things you make a time for them. It becomes a priority. We do what we love. I love being a mom. That’s a priority. I love having a business and empowering other women to run a business so I make that a priority. The only one thing I’m not great at is me time. I’m still working on that.”

“If you have passion for things you make a time for them.”
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