Totally ’80s concert at the Hollywood Bowl (Bow Wow Wow, The Motels, Psychedelic Furs and the Go-Go’s)

Psychedelic Furs at Hollywood BowlSo where were you when the songs from Bow Wow Wow, The Motels, Psychedelic Furs and the Go-Go’s became radio smashes. Furr Shurr, you were reminiscing “the moment” when you were young and carefree. The Totally ’80s concert at the Hollywood Bowl was an explosion of nostalgia and undoubtedly the best era of pop music ever. The Hollywood Bowl was the perfect venue for the concert. My friends and I geared up as Madonna, Debbie Gibson and Valley Girl. We showed neon colors, leg warmers, beehive do’s aka B52’s, lace tops, artificial moles, a combo of mini skirts and leggings and the famous teased hair (the bigger the better) with a big lace bow.

We kick started the ’80s event with a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl park. As we took pleasure in our scrumptious kabobs, lumpia (Filipino eggroll), noodles and fried chicken, we overheard the other group on the other side of the picnic table was playing Psychedelic Furs and were singing to Love My Way.

Bow Wow Wow jump started the concert with the song “Do You Wanna Hold Me.” Annabella Lwin, the vocalist of the band, was once the most photographed vocalist in the early ’80s. She still looked quite youthful coupled with her solid voice. Her signature makeup and eccentric fashion style made me feel I was back in 1981 listening to BWW casette tape. In fact, I would like to say bravo to Annabella for being the gutsiest artist that night when it comes to her fashion choice and thankfully there was no wardrobe malfunction. The band’s stage presence was energetic and incredible. Now I can say “I want candy!”

The Motels was one of the early ’80s new wave bands from Los Angeles area. Martha Davis, the charismatic vocalist of The Motels, still can deliver true emotions from her solid rockin’ voice. She blew the whole crowd away with her timeless hit song “Only The Lonely” and took us back in the good ‘ol days of summer of 1982 with “Suddenly Last Summer.” Fast forward 30 years later, I find myself still singing the hits and watching The Motels on a summer night at the Hollywood Bowl. What a way to end the summer!

Psychedelic Furs epitomizes the new wave punk MTV generation era. Their string of hits capture the ’80s new wave feel with their poetic lyrics and innovative rhythms that definitely did teen redux on me and the audience as well. The Bowl turned into an ’80s dance club when the Furs belted out “Love My Way,” “The Ghost In You,” and “Heartbreak Beat.” But one song that carried me back was the soundtrack from “Pretty in Pink.” It was just like playing my 33 LP vinyl album back in 1987. Richard Butler still sounds amazing. Did I mention how he looked good on stage with his black pants, black button down shirt, clean cut do and his yuppie glasses?

Go-Go’s is one of the most iconic and beloved groups of the ’80s. They headlined the Totally ’80s concert at the Hollywood Bowl. After 30 years, the all-female band that wrote and performed their own songs, rocked the Bowl with their chart topping songs that pioneered a genre. Although this is my second time to see the band, I never get tired of the kicky kitsch appeal of the Go-Go’s (they still all looked beautiful) and Belinda Carlisle’s infectious vocals. Each of the members showcased their talent with their musical instruments and took turns to talk to the audience. Aside from the band’s monster hits, Jane Wiedlin performed her duet hit “Cool Places” and Belinda Carlisle’s solo hit “Mad About You.” The band ended the concert with one of my fave dance songs of all time “Head Over Heels” and the audience went wild.

Special thanks to Marites Calagday for the photos.

The Go-Go's at Hollywood Bowl

The Motels at Hollywood Bowl

Picnic with friends at Hollywood Bowl prior to Totally 80s concert

Bow Wow Wow at Hollywood Bowl

The Motels at Hollywood Bowl

Psychedelic Furs at Hollywood Bowl

Go-Go's at Hollywood Bowl

Totally '80s concert

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