Getting to know KFI’s Bill Handel

I’ve been listening to Bill Handel for over a decade now. My husband introduced me to KFI talk radio back then and I have been a fan ever since. Handel is my driving buddy every single morning when I go to work. It makes driving less stressful with his humor and take on current news […]

Wing Lam – Surfer, Taco Maker and CEO of Wahoo’s

I don’t usually interview business personalities but when I ran into Wing Lam this past Christmas at the Lake Forest restaurant, I realized that Wahoo’s and the CEO at the helm are just as much a part of pop culture as movie stars and musicians. I recent had the opportunity to interview Wing and his wife Kelly. They […]

Mr. “Rico Suave” Gerardo Mejia Talks About His New Reality Show on VH1

I don’t know about you but in my late teens (1991), I was so into Rico Suave videos. Because I love to dance I’d mimic the Rico Suave dance moves called “locking” a style of funk dance which is today associated with hip hop. Gerardo Mejia who is better known as “Gerardo,” is famously known […]

Spinning and Mixing – Female Celebrity DJ Casey Connor

I was inspired when I read an article about Casey Connor in one of the fashion magazines. The first thing I thought about was that I want to know more about her. So, as a blogger, I contacted her manager and requested to interview her. So, you might ask: Why was I inspired or why […]

Getting to know Jim Shearer host of VH1’s Top 20 Countdown

Jim Shearer of VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown Part of my Saturday morning routine is watching VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown with Jim Shearer. Watching Jim Shearer host the show takes me down memory lane to the early generation of MTV when it used to play 24 hours of music videos. Shearer does such an excellent job […]

RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad interviewed at the Hollywood Show

I must admit that one of the best television series I have ever watched is “Breaking Bad”. According to Wikipedia, by the end of the series, it was the most-watched cable shows on American television and in 2014 entered the Guinness World Records as the highest rated show of all time. I didn’t even know about the […]

Vonda Shepard’s recent concert, her personal side and upcoming projects

There is only one word to describe Vonda Shepard’s voice – “Soulful”. This is my second time to see her at the Coach House and she never ceases to amaze me with her phenomenal performance, boundless enthusiasm and intimate rapport with her audience. It was like I was on the set of Ally McBeal, but even better because […]

Up Close and Personal with Jessie Bridges

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jessie Bridges. She is a talented young singer and the daughter of famous actor, Jeff Bridges. The first time I saw her was when she opened for The Abiders concert at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. She had exceptional stage presence, had real heart and soul […]

Jason Priestley: A Memoir – Book Signing Event at Laguna Beach Books

Jason Priestley, known as Brandon Walsh on the 90’s television series “Beverly Hills 90210” recently made an appearance in Laguna Beach to present his new book, “Jason Priestley: A Memoir“ He came in right through the front door of independent Laguna Beach Books which is on Pacific Coast Highway. As the fans waited in line […]

Matthew Modine’s Full Metal Jacket Diary

Matthew Modine, a Golden Globe awardee known for his role as Private Joker in Full Metal Jacket, published a limited edition book of his diary and photos of FMJ back in 2005. This diary has now been updated as an iPad app and it will soon be an audiobook. Modine’s Full Metal Jacket Diary Ipad App […]